Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Training Course

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Training Course... We run presentation training in all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint up to version 2016 giving you the skills to create beautiful non-linear presentations.  With a hands on approach this design based PowerPoint Training shows how to produce consistent, clear design with audio, animation and video and to work with Office and the Web to produce interactive graphs and media.   Work Read More

Beautiful Calligraphy

Seb Lester, calligraphy & social media... With millions of follows Seb Lester has bought the art of calligraphy to the 21st century.  Quick piece on how his short effective film bites have made him on onscreen for working with typography. Clothes of Heaven by Seb Lester Take a look at some of his beautiful calligraphic artwork at Seb Lester/Creative Read More

20 Rules of Design - Rule 2 Colour

Design Rule 2 - Colour... Continuing on from the first design rule of lines it's hardly worth mentioning how important colour is in design - but it is king to create emotion, passion, atmosphere and every colour in every palette across the world will pull someones mind, memory or emotion.  A yellow jumper on a cold evening, red swimming shorts on a beach.....................that's the drift.  Colour psychology has Read More

The 20 Rules of Design

20 Rules of Design... Learning to use new software is great but regardless of whether its an InDesign, PhotoShop or Illustrator course one question arises early on.  What is good design and how do I use it? As with everything personal taste and visual perception have much to do with it however there is a fundamental guideline known as the '20 Rules of Design'. If you're new to the world of design then it probably feels Read More

InDesign Training & Design

InDesign Training & Design... As well as our other courses we now offer training and design days created specifially with you in mind.  Instead of following set course protocols, overviews and exercise we combine InDesign Training with design.  During the course the trainer works with you to produce a variety of materials for your company which means you leave at the end of the training with a set of documents to start Read More