InDesign Interactive Digital Course...

InDesign Interactive Digital Course...

The InDesign Interactive Course introduces you to the more fluid side of the software by showing how content is designed for digital devices and how to design interactive content for the Internet, .PDF or presentations.

During this InDesign Course you'll learn how to give presentations and online content extra flair and panache by adding multi media, flash videos, page swirls and effective navigation elements.  We incorporate professional design techniques during the Adobe Training including type, imagery and colour.  We consider this a natural part of design courses not an optional extra.

InDesign Interactive Course Locations...

This Adobe InDesign Course is delivered onsite and we cover areas as far apart as York, Gloucester, Oxford, Leicester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Lincoln, Hull, Chester and just about everywhere else.

InDesign Interactive Course Details...

InDesign Courses are held onsite but dedicated training suites can be organised in a location convenient to you.  We run Adobe InDesign Interactive Training Courses for one to one's, groups of up to 6 or 8 or workshops and can provide mobile laptops for the training course duration.

InDesign Interactive Digital Course Duration...

This InDesign Interactive Course takes one day and runs from 9.30 to 4.30 however as with all our Adobe InDesign Training Courses timing is flexible and can be organised around your company.

InDesign Interactive Digital Course Content...

InDesign Considerations
Output Destination & Output Quality
Differences of Static & Fluid Content
Working with Static & Fluid Content
Online Purposing
Design Considerations

InDesign Documents
Creating & Setting up InDesign Documents
Page Size Customisiation & Modification
Pixel Sizing & Considerations
Working with Presets
Dual Layouts
Liquid / Fluid Layout

Importing Content
Working with InDesign Documents
Layer Content
Graphic Placement
Multiple Placement
Fitting Frame Controls

InDesign Images
Set Image Scaling
Anchoring Images
Image Compatibility
Image Design Options
Image Restrictions

Object States Panel
Multi State Object
Transforming Multi State Objects
Objects States into Folio Overlay

Folio Overlay
Multi States to Presentation
Set Screen Swipe or Tap
Override to Manual Swipe
Test to iPad
Content View app

InDesign Slideshows
Panoramics & Panoramic Views
Image Sequencing
Adding & Working with Web Content
(HTML, Twitter, Facebook, InLink etc)
Video & Audio Options

InDesign & Video
Video Considerations
Streaming & /or Embedding
Creating & Editing Video Skins
Designing & Setting Poster Frames

InDesign & Audio
Adding Audio
Audio Controls
Audio Tips & Tricks
Playing Audio
Content Control
Audio Considerations & Limitations

InDesign Interactive Elements
Hyperlinks Internal & External Linking
Page Transistion
Adding /Editing /Applying Page Turning

InDesign Apps - Folio Builder
Folio Builder
Add InDesign Docs to the Folio
Folio Flyout and Options
Upload App to iTunes

InDesign Viewing
Local Preview
Remote View (iPad, Android, Web, .PDF)
Preview Considerations

InDesign Course Conclusion & Discussion
Discussion of InDesign & Digital Delivery
Digital Publishing
Digital Options
ePublications & eDesign

 InDesign Interactive Course - onsite pricing
All Prices Fully Inclusive
Standard Rate for One Person £300.00 per day
Subsequent Persons £75.00 per person per day

We are Midlands Based so depending on locations some travel expenses may be incurred.

InDesign Interactive Courses held in Midlands, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire, Peak District, Derbshire.