Microsoft Publisher Advanced Course

Microsoft Publisher Advanced Course Locations...

We deliver onsite Publisher Advanced Training Courses across the Midlands, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Lancashire, Staffs, Cheshire

This Microsoft Publisher Advanced Training Course focuses on using the Publisher Tools and Panels to create advanced Spreads Layouts.  You will work with advanced graphic techniques and learn how to fine tweak artwork and images for print output.  

During the day a number of different layouts and spreads will be created and laid out in the Publisher Advanced Course using professional design techniques including colour theory and typographical design to produce truly stunning corporate documentation, flyers, magazines etc.

Like all our other Desktop Publishing Courses elements in the Microsoft Publisher Advanced Course can be be mixed and matched with the Microsoft Publisher Introduction course or Bespoke Microsoft Publisher Training can be created from scratch to suit your individual needs.

Microsoft Publisher Advanced Course Content... 

Microsoft Publisher Advanced Course
Reviewing Publisher 
Working with Publisher Advanced Layouts
Working with Publisher Tools
Understanding Design Techniques
Colour Wheels and Colour Models
Publisher Type that Works
Incorporating Publisher & External Design

Microsoft Publisher Advanced Graphics
Working with Artwork and Photographs
Graphics and Transparency
Design Gallery
Graphics Manager Task Pane
Image Editing Tools including pan, zoom, crop
Fine Tuning Imagery

Microsoft Publisher Master Pages
Master Page Setup
Creating & Editing Master Pages
Duplicate Master Pages
Master Page Toolbar & Layout Tools
Professional & Accurate Layouts
Content Blocks for Pull Quotes, Sidebars etc
Troubleshooting Master Pages

Microsoft Publisher Styling and Formats
Font Schemes
Creating & Editing Styles
Updating Styles
Importing Styles
Professional Typography 
Baseline Grid
Font Foundary

Microsoft Publisher Table of Contents
Creating TOC's using tables*
Creating a manual TOC
Table design
Table anatomy
Understanding Manual TOC's Limitations

Microsoft Publisher Type Handling
Placing text
Character styles / Paragraph styles
Typography and layouts
Use Design Checker
OpenType Fonts
Ligatures, Style Sets etc

Microsoft Publisher Tabs
The Tab Box
Tab Characters including Left, Right, Centre
Editing Tabs
Moving, Deleting Tabs
Adding Leaders
Setting Precise Tab Positions

Microsoft Publisher Type and Images
Working with Media Files
Adding Media Files to Organiser
Add /Edit Keywords
Sound and Motion in Publisher
Animated GIF's
Video Embedding

Microsoft Publisher Mail Merge
Create a Data Souce for Merge
Mail Merge Bar
Mail Merge Options
Tracking Merge
Address Lists /Data Lists for Merge
Exporting to Post /Email

 Microsoft Publisher Colour
Using Colour
Applying Colour to Stroke & Fill
Changing & Matching Colour
Colour Theory

Prices for Microsoft Publisher Advanced Course - our price is per course per day*

(the more persons on the course the more you benefit)
Standard rate for one person is £275.00 inc VAT
Any additional persons £75.00 inc VAT
*So training on your premises for 4 persons would be £500.00 inc VAT 

The above price includes 6 months post course support. We like to build rapport with our clients so any Microsoft Publisher Advanced course post support would be held directly with the Microsoft Publisher trainer who delivered the course/s. It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our online training tips, tricks & tutorials.

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