PowerPoint 2016 Training Course...

PowerPoint 2016 Training Courses...

Our Powerpoint 2016 Training Course is developed to produce high impact, professionally designed presentations.  This PowerPoint  training provides the presentation skills needed to produce consistent, clear design using video, animation and audio.  It shows how to work interactively with PowerPoint working with graphs and the web. 

During the course you learn to design modern Powerpoint presentations by leaving bullet points behind and creating content and slides that flow seamlessly together.  This course shows how rich media and graphics can work together to create compelling pleasing visual content.  It focuses on how animation can be used to combine elements into a fluid dynamic storyline and how charts and graphs can be edited live during the presentation.  It also shows you how to use colour, type and contrast to produce a crystal clear projected presention.

PowerPoint Course Content...

Because this course leans heavily on the design side of Powerpoint the content shown below is given as a general guide.  The training is for those who have already completed an Introduction to Powerpoint course or already have skills in the software.  

Our PowerPoint Training runs for one day but this can vary depending on the content included in bespoke courses. 

PowerPoint Course Content...

PowerPoint Introduction
Understanding PowerPoints New Environment
Working with the Start Screen
Link to SharePoint
Link to SkyDrive
Alternative PowerPoint Presentations
Search Online for Templates & Themes
Design Tab

PowerPoint & Multimedia
Insert Video and Video Options
Add Video Effects

Work MP4 Video Format
Insert Audio
Audio Options
Supported File Formats
Pull Video & Images from the Web
PowerPoint & YouTube
Video Tools PlayBack Bar

Presenter View
Working with the New View
Presenter View on One Monitor
Widescreen View 16.9

PowerPoint for Touch Devices
Use PowerPoint to Interact with Various Devices
Swipe, Tap, Scroll, Zoom & Pan
Windows 8 & PowerPoint Touch

PowerPoint Presentations
Creating New Presentations
Editing Existing Presentations from External Source
Working with Slides
Adding, Reordering, Deleting, Inserting Slides
Working with External Slides & Files

PowerPoint Animation
Add Animation to a PowerPoint Presentation
Adjust Timings on PowerPoint Animations
Editing PowerPoint Animation Timings
Setting Custom Paths on Animations
Text Animation

PowerPoint Text
Inserting, Editing, Formatting Text
Working with Text
Inserting Bullet Points
Changing Bullets
Working with Bullet Point Positioning
Good Text Design
Use Custom Images for Bullets

PowerPoint Organisation Charts
Insert Org' Charts
Edit Org' Charts
Add, Delete Additional Elements to Org' Charts
Add Graphical Effects to Org' Charts
Change Text Formats in Org' Charts
Adapt Org' Chart Design
Org' Charts PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

PowerPoint Slide Masters
Working with Slide Masters
Using Multiple Slide Masters
Editing Slide Master Settings
Add Speaker Notes

PowerPoint Presenting
Tips & Tricks for PowerPoint Presenters
Running Presentations
Presentation Delivery Options
Exporting to Alternative Formats
Saving Presentations to Web

PowerPoint Training Course Prices...

Standard Rate for the first person is £275.00 ALL INC
Additional Persons are Charged at £75.00 ALL INC per person each per day

Our onsite Powerpoint courses are run across the Midlands on your premises.


Presentation Courses...

On this PowerPoint Course learn...

to remove bullets & create slides that flow seamlessly one to another...
(bullet points can be covered of course)

adapt animations to combine the presentation into a fluid storyline...

work with Powerpoint to create static and dynamic charts & graphs..

use slide masters and templates for consistency and accurate layout...

create design using colour, fonts and contrast to produce crystal clear projected presentations...

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