QuarkXpress Advanced Training...

QuarkXpress Training...

This QuarkXpress Advanced Training Course is designed to build upon the QuarkXpress Introduction Course or expand on skills learnt in the workplace.  The Quark Course shows how to design and work with long documents improving both their look and automating them.  From conditional styling, indexing and automated table of contents this course will speed up and simplify any long document processes including books.

QuarkXpress Course Duration...

This Quark course usually takes 2 days and is delivered onsite on your premises.  It can be delivered on a one to one basis or for closed company courses.

QuarkXpress Advanced...

This course would suit anyone dealing with long documents on a day to day basis including Publishers, Academic Staff and Report Generator's.  Because of its complexity we would advise that anyone attending should have a basic knowledge of the software.  We can run this training course in conjunction with our QuarkXpress Introduction Course and are happy to advise you.

QuarkXpress Advanced Course Content... 

Quark Course Direction
Creating a Long Document
Working with Long Documents
Pro's and Con's of Long Document Handling
Defining the Quark workflow

Quark Image Settings
Creating and Working with Clipping Paths
Working with Imported Clipping Paths
Images Runarounds
Editing Images in QuarkXpress

Quark Master Pages
Setting up Master Pages
Editing Master Pages
Controlling Page Numbering for Long Documents
Controlling Sections in Long Documents
Working with Multiple Masters
Practicalities of Master Pages

Quark Conditional Styles
Create a Conditional Style
Apply a Conditional Style
Combine Several Rules in a Conditional
Repeat Conditional Styles Automatically
Apply Conditional Styles at Paragraph & Story Level
Conditional Styles Conventions

Quark Text Flow
Working with various Text Sources
Working with Text Flow
Controlling Text Flow across Multiple Pages
Working with Linkster
Using Linkster

Quark Styles
Create and Edit Paragraph and Character Styles
Using Styles in the Workflow
Mapping Styles across Multiple Documents
Appending Stylesheets
Stylesheet Options

Quark Book
Creating and Working With Book Panel
Synchronising with Book Panel
Adding /Deleting Chapters from Book Panel
Tables of Contents across Multiple Chapters

Quark Advanced Typography
Automatic, Incremental and Absolute Leading
Baseline Grid
Widows & Orphans, H&J's
Kerning and Tracking

QuarkXpress Advanced Training Course Prices...

Our QuarkXpress Training Course starts at £300.00 All Inc per day for the first person
Second and Subsequent Persons are £50.00 All Inc per day each

For a small additional charge we can supply laptops preloaded with the software for the training.

We supply lifetime QuarkXpress Training Support both by email and by access to our training support.

Quark Training in Manchester, Birmingham, London, Cambridge, Oxford, Exeter and across the UK

QuarkXpress Training...

Quark Advanced...

On this Quark Course you will learn how to work with the following...

InDepth Character and Paragraph Styles...

Conditional Styling...

Create & Update Indexes...

Create, Update and Generate Table of Contents...

Working with 'Lists'...

Colour Matching...

Colour Separations...