Photoshop Introduction Course

Photoshop Introduction Course... Curve and Learn run Photoshop Training Courses in the Midlands at all levels from Introduction through to Advanced and also specialise in bespoke and custom training.  In a changing world we specialise in creating and designing Photoshop Course content around you including workshops and bespoke training on a one to one basis or for small groups.  We run Photoshop Courses on all versions Read More

Lightroom Training

Lightroom Training... Lightroom Develop... We thought we'd show how beautiful images can be enhanced and retouched using Lightroom.  This beautiful windflower was shot on a cloudy day during April and lacks definition.  This first image is 'as shot' from the camera - the second after a little tweaking using the 'Develop' tab in Read More

Adobe Lightroom Course Content

Lightroom Training... We've just uploaded the Lightroom Course content onsite today - the course covers all the major aspects of Lightroom and provides a good overview of the software. Find out how to retouch and edit your photographs using Lightrooms Develop tab including colour correction, white balance, cropping and repairing red eye.  It's easy to build up a huge amount of images in very little time Read More

Adobe Lightroom courses

Curve and Learn are now running Adobe Lightroom courses.  Learn how to edit and retouch photographs using tools to correct exposure, white balance and colour issues.  Work with the new upright tools Auto, Level, Vertical and Full in Lightroom 5 to straighten crooked and slanted horizons. Work with and edit Lightrooms built-in presets and create your own from scratch.  This Lightroom Training is ideal for photographers new Read More