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Our Adobe Dreamweaver Course is delivered across UK,  the Midlands, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Chester, Lincoln, Cambridge, Oxford, Cheltenham, Liverpool.  We bring Dreamweaver Training Courses direct to you onsite whether its private tuition for individuals or training for larger company groupls.

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Duration...

This Adobe Dreamweaver Course takes two days but if you want to cover different or specific content or create a Bespoke Dreamweaver Course then obviously the duration will change accordingly.

Adobe Dreamweaver Course...

The first day of the Dreamweaver course covers the features, interface, panels, adding and editing web sites /pages.  It introduces the user to working with web content and shows the different techniques used to create and design effective attractive web sites.

The second day of the Dreamweaver Training focuses on website development.  Learn to design a site from scratch, add forms for data collection and include rich media with video and audio.  Finally publish your Dreamweaver site live online.

On this Dreamweaver Training Course we are happy to include your own images & logos to work with so by the end of the training course you have a recognisable Dreamweaver site with your own branding.

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Overview...

This Dreamweaver Course will give you the skills need to produce functional and attractive websites.  Any of the Dreamweaver Course content can be added or removed to on company courses ensuring you cover exactly what you need to know.

Dreamweaver Introduction
Static Page Discussion
Menus & Views
Property Inspector
Application Toolbar
Document Toolbar
Working with Insert
Customising Dreamweavers Workspace

Page Layout Using Div Tags
Div Elements
What are Div Elements?
When to use Div Elements
Div Element Attributes
CSS Styles & Div's
Ruler /Grid /Guides for Layouts
Understanding Layered Animated Images

Creating Dreamweaver Sites
Site Definition
Site Structure
File names
Root Folders
File Management

Dreamweaver Practicalities
Site Libraries
Site Library Items
Site Templates
Editing Site Templates
Editable & Repeating Regions
Workign with Templates

Dreamweaver & Images
Inserting Images
Inserting Image Maps
Adding Hot Spots to Image Maps

Roundtripping - Dreamweaver & Photoshop
Image Optimisation
File Formats
Simple Animations in Photoshop

Dreamweaver Hyperlinks
Creating /editing Hyperlinks
Relative /Absolute Hyperlinks
Hotspot Hyperlinks
Image Links

Dreamweaver Text
Adding /editing Text
Headline & Body Text
Tabular Data

Dreamweaver Forms
Inserting a Form
Adding Form Fields
Understanding Form Fields including text, number, radio buttons, check buttons, submit buttons, list and menus.
Form Focus
Form Validation

Dreamweaver Multimedia
Inserting a Flash Movie
Viewing Flash Movies
Inserting Sound
Inserting QuickTime
Working with Skins for Control
Editing Skins
Multimedia Properties

Dreamweaver & Spry Panels
Create /edit Tabbed Spry Page
Create /edit Accordian Spry Page
Create /edit Collasible Spry Page
Create /edit Menu Bar Spry Page
Adding Behaviours

Dreamweaver CSS Styles
Create & Apply CSS Styles
Understand CSS Style
Create CSS Rules
Append CSS Styles
Work with Class Selectors

Dreamweaver Tables
Create /edit Tables
Understand uses for Tables in Dreamweaver
Table Layout Features

Dreamweaver Publishing
Uploading the Website
Website Structure
Updating & Monitoring the Website

Prices for Adobe Dreamweaver Training - course priced per day
(the more persons on the course the more you benefit) ALL PRICES FULLY INCLUSIVE

Standard rate for first person is £275 INC VAT per day
All subsequent persons £50 each INC VAT per day

The above price includes 6 months post Dreamweaver Course support.  This would be with the Dreamweaver Trainer who ran the course as we like to build rapport with our clients.

Adobe Dreamweaver Training Course locations...

Derby and Derbyshire
Leicester and Leicestershire
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

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