Photoshop 1990

Photoshop 1990... 25 years of Photoshop and it's cooking on gas - however we were trawling through the Internet earlier as you do and came across this pod from Terry White at Adobe TV.  Great to watch and remember, although not so great to think of the amount of years realtime we've been working with Photoshop.  25 years ouch.  Anyway we thought you might be interested in seeing the earliest version of Photoshop Read More

QuarkXpress Training Course Version 10

QuarkXpress Training Course... The grand old man of desktop publishing has to be QuarkXpress and we've just refreshed and reviewed our QuarkXpress 10 Course - as well as the usual page layout suspects we've included a wealth of design techniques such as colour balance, communication and typography, breaking the grid (well obeying it really).  We've also popped in more about Master Pages, understand and work with multiple Read More

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course... Our new Illustrator Intermediate Course hones the skills and techniques learnt elsewhere and shows how to create a wealth of different artwork.  We show how to create and design flowing organic brush tips including grunge, floral and plastic brushes,  Design an infographic using masking techniques to produce artwork and area text for wrapping or find out how to create a 3D logo for your Read More

Adobe Training

Adobe Training... It's the New Year and we've not written a blog post for what seems forever - not really.  In actual fact our last post was November 2014.  We were considering doing the usual New Year stuff on this post - you know this is what we're doing in the New Year, our New Years Resolutions are, 2015 is going to be our year - yes all that stuff! Well, actually no..............we thought we'd pop in a Read More

Adobe Presenter Training Course in Watford and Hertfordshire

Adobe Presenter Training Watford and Herts... Adobe Presenter Training Courses... We are now running Adobe Presenter Training Courses in Watford and across Hertfordshire.  The Presenter training is run for both individuals and for groups of up to 6 persons across the region. Full details and an overview of the Presenter Training can be viewed Read More