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This PowerPoint Advanced Course works on a design approach - we know PowerPoint users have in-depth knowledge of the software but lack the skills to put together visual slides that compel and engage their audience.  This PowerPoint Course does just that and pulls together PowerPoint and good design techniques - you create eye catching professional non-linear visual presentation for various screens and destinations.

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The PowerPoint Courses usually run for one day but depending on the amount of delegates and required PowerPoint Content they can run for longer.  If being incorporated into other software such as Captivate for eLearning content please get in touch to discuss the PowerPoint Content.

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Today's PowerPoint Presentations are far more graphic orientated that in the past, in a visual world it's pointless focusing mainly on text.  Why use eight predictable bullets to make a point when an appropriate Infographic will do it immediately.  We cover advanced bullets in this course but the training emphasises working with graphics, animation and audio to get crystal clear presentations across to the audience.

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In other words: Visualise don't verbalise!

PowerPoint and Graphics
Understanding Infographics
Designing Infographics in PowerPoint
Infographics for high impact visual presentations

PowerPoint Animation
Advanced Animation Techniques
Stages of Animation
Animation Timings
Advanced Animation Timings
Multiple Animations

PowerPoint and Video
Working with Video
Inserting Video
Video Skins & Timing

PowerPoint Branding Look and Feel
Templates for Consistency
Slide Masters
PowerPoint and Brand Consistency

PowerPoint Interactive
Rollover States
Buttons & Button Design
Buttons & Action States & Navigation

PowerPoint and iPad
Working with PowerPoint & iPads
Transferring to iPad
Working with iPad for Visual Communications

PowerPoint Bullets
Change Bullets to Impact Visuals
Engage Audience Attention
Working with Bullet Timings

PowerPoint Images
Create Powerful Images in Powerpoint
Edit Images
Design & Manipulate Images inside PowerPoint
Work with Photographs

PowerPoint and Excel
Work with Excel Data
PowerPoint and Live Excel Data
Excel 'Edit on the fly'

PowerPoint and Excel Charts
Insert Excel Charts, Bar, Pie, Scatter, Add Timelines
Edit Excel Charts
Animate Charts in PowerPoint for High Impact
Chart Data on the Fly

PowerPoint Design Structure
Define Design Structure
Working with Branding
Colour in PowerPoint
Fonts in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Output
Techniques to:
Add Sound
Convert to Website Use
Presentation Narration

PowerPoint Courses Advanced Training Course
This PowerPoint Advanced Course costs £275 All Inc per person per day
Second and Subsequent Person costs £50 All Inc each per day

PowerPoint Training Courses delivered across the Midlands, Derby, Coventry, Leeds, Lancaster, Birmingham, Lincoln and just about everywhere else.  Our PowerPoint Courses are delivered onsite at your premises or in training suites in locations convenient to you..  PowerPoint Training Courses are run at all levels including PowerPoint Introduction Course, PowerPoint Advanced Courses and bespoke PowerPoint Training.

These Training Courses can be run for individuals, small groups and large companies.

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