Adobe Captivate 9 Training

Adobe Captivate 9... Released over the last few days we already up and running courses in the latest version - so whats new?  Captivate 9 gives you more control over where and when you working using the new Captivate Draft, which lets you create storyboards and share them for viewing, online collaboration or reviews on Cloud.  Storyboards can then be imported to Captivate 9 and published out as reponsive projects. Take Read More

Photoshop 2015 New Features

Photoshop 2015 New Features... We thought you might like to see a couple of the new features included in Photoshop 2015.  Liking the new artboard feature in particular which like Illustrator now lets you have multiple artboards in Photoshop 2015.  Artboards in Photoshop 2015... These are pretty useful both for designers and photographers as they let you create multiple replications of images in a single document or Read More

Adobe Photoshop 25 years gone

Rolling back Photoshop... When you think it's been 25 years of Photoshop that's a quarter of a century - it really is hard to know where time goes.  We came across this online and thought you might like to take a quick cycle into the past and see how things used to work.  Funnily enough our Photoshop Trainer has an image which over time she's expanded on that contains the tools panel from each version of Photoshop Read More

Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Course Updates

Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Course Updates... With the slow drip release of CC 2015 recently we're updating our training courses to include the new features. We're quite excited about some of the updates to InDesign including the new Paragraph Shading Options which give you the option to highlight and colour the background of paragraph text.  Want to draw attention to pieces of text in a document whilst still keeping it Read More

Advanced InDesign Techniques Training

This Advanced InDesign Course has been designed specifically for those who deal with long documents and teaches how to work with advanced styling techniques including nested styles to produce consistent text.  Use the Book panel to organise and bring together multiple files then automate them using the TOC and Index functions and finally send to print or digital output (including ePUB's and PDF). The Indesign Training then looks Read More