Ligatures in InDesign

Ligatures in InDesign... What are ligatures... Ligatures pop up all the time in InDesign, a seemingly small unimportant part of the overall massiveness of the software itself.  So exactly what are they? They are a single glyph which is created when two characters bump or fuse together usually to stop an unattractive pairing of two neighbours.  They are a thing of beauty to many and to others a nuisance.  The Read More

Adobe InDesign 2017 New Features

Adobe InDesign 2017 New Features... To be fair it can't really be said that there are any major overhauls in InDesign 2017 but there have been a some interesting minor enhancements including footnotes and numbered list's.  Most of which will be included in the Adobe InDesign Intermediate or Adobe InDesign Advanced Training Courses Footnotes in Adobe InDesign 2017... Once footnotes were positioned under columns but Read More