QuarkXpress Training Course...

This QuarkXpress training course is designed for those who need to create, edit and design various spreads and layouts.  The Quark Training is run onsite across the UK and is ideal for both individuals or company groups looking for an introduction to the software or refresher training to build on a current skillset.  The course guides you through the tools, features and techniques needed to create professional documents with strong visual impact for either print and digital output.   Onsite Quark Courses are held across the UK where the trainer comes to you at a time and date to suit your schedule.

QuarkXpress Course... 

This QuarkXpress Course is a powerful piece of software, perfect for those looking to for tight typographical control or those looking for perfect layouts.  Amongst others Quark training is ideal for designers, content creators, architects and small businesses looking to bring their digital design inhouse and escape the confines of a design studio.

It's hands on training where you create a number of different layouts including flyers, small brochures and magazines.  It also takes into consideration the various issues involved in digital design and guides you through colour, consistent character and paragraph styles and accurate page layout throughout a document.

We run QuarkXpress Courses on either MAC or PC (your choice) and can provide laptops loaded with the latest version if required.  Please request at the time of booking the training.

QuarkXpress Introduction Course Overview...

QuarkXpress Introduction
New Document /Document Setup
Setup Options
Grids /Guides
Pasteboard and Document

QuarkXpress Graphics
Inserting Graphics
Editing Graphics
Resizing Graphics
Picture Usage
Working with Multiple Graphics

QuarkXpress Colour
Applying Colour to Stokes /Fills /Text
Process /Spot /Gradient Colours
RGB & CMYK Modes
Colour Tints

QuarkXpress Type
Character /Paragraph Styles
Style Sheets
Type Layout /Tracking, Kerning,Optical Margins

QuarkXpress Drawing
Pen Tool
Pen Tool Options
Pen Tool Tips & Tricks
Simple & Complex Objects
Merge Command

QuarkXpress Text
Text Entry & Formatting
Importing & Positioning Text
Text Linking
Text Flow
Text to Box /Text on a Path

QuarkXpress Text Meets Graphics
Text Offset
Working with Runaround & Different Graphics
Understanding Image Options
Text Round All sides

QuarkXpress Advanced Text and Graphics
Clipping Paths
Creating /Importing Clipping Paths
Alpha Channels
Importing Alpha Channels
Applying /Editing Runaround & Clipping Path

QuarkXpress Layers
Creating & Editing Layers
Reshuffling Layers
Layer Order

QuarkXpress Tables
Creating & Editing Tables
Working with Text & Images in Tables
Manipulating Table Content

QuarkXpress Precision
Space and Align
Accurate Positioning to one-thousandth of a box
Locking Position 

QuarkXpress Output
Collect for Output
Print Preparation for Bureau
Print to .PDF
Digital Print Considerations

QuarkXpress Training Course Prices...

First Person £275.00 ALL INC PER DAY
Second /Subsequent Persons £75.00 ALL INC PER DAY
Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred

Laptop Hire from £25.00 per person per day
T&C's apply

Our QuarkXpress Courses are delivered onsite.  We provide private Quark tution and Quark Training for up to 8 delegates on a closed company course.

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We offer Quark Training onsite at your premises customised to your own specifications.

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