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The grand old man of desktop publishing is QuarkXpress, it lets you produce virtually any document from a flyer through to graphics intensive books.  This Quark Xpress course is run across the Midlands and most major cities across the UK including Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, York, Liverpool, Lincoln, Milton Keynes.  It is perfect for those new to the software or looking for Quark Refresher training.  This QuarkXpress Training Course teaches the techniques and features needed to produce rich, professional literature with a special gleam.  Learn how to create short high impact newsletters, glossy brochures and magazines effectively and efficiently by using the design techniques, fast workflows, shortcuts and tips on the course.  

QuarkXpress Course Info....

The QuarkXpress training is designed around you so please let us know preferred course start and end times at booking.  Dates are arranged for mutual convenience.

Laptop Hire for Quark Training...

We can supply laptops, projectors and full kit for a charge of £25.00 per laptop per day and projector hire at £30 per day - Again please discuss at time of booking

 QuarkXpress Course Content...

Produce beautiful professional documents on this QuarkX course - it is suitable for those with no experience but looking to create various documents easily and quickly.  It is fine for those working in Marketing, Finance and Design and we are happy to work with any of your documents and show you how to get the best out of Quark to build tenders, create financial reports, design brochures, marketing newsletters and work with brand identity.

QuarkXpress Course Outline...

QuarkXpress - Getting Started QuarkXpress and Design Techniques

QuarkXpress Interface
QuarkXpress Tools
General Preferences
QuarkXpress Measurements
QuarkXpress Window Menu
Pasteboard & Artboard

Document Layout
Breaking the Grid (accurate layout)
10 Rules of Great Design
Law of Thirds /Golden Ratio
Typography v 'Font'ography
Colour Theory

QuarkXpress Document Setup QuarkXpress Colour

Creating a New Document
Working with New Document Box (bleed, slug etc)
Page Setup
Working a Document Skeleton
Print, Web, Digital Device Considerations

Creating Colour
Working with Fill and Stokes
Creating, Editing and Saving Swatch Palettes
Creating, Editing Gradients
Pantones, CMYK, RGB, Spots and Process Colours

QuarkXpress Master Pages QuarkXpress Text Flow

Creating Master Pages
Work with Page Numbers and Section Breaks
Adding Pages based on Masters and None
Editing Master Pages
Multiple Master Pages
Working with Master Page Text Boxes

Working with Different Text Flows
Importing Text
Controlling Text Flow across Frames and Pages
Linking and Unlinking Tool
Applying Columns to Flow
Controlling Text Threading

QuarkXpress Text  QuarkXpress Stylesheets

Create and Edit Text Boxes
Use Fill and Stroke on Text Boxes
Formatting Text 
Create Text To Box
Add Text to a Path
Create Dramatic Text Effects
Adding Transparency and Drop Shadows
Baseline Grids
Leading, Tracking and Kerning
Soft /Hard Returns

Create, Edit & Delete Stylesheets
Understand Character and Paragraph Styles
Apply and Update Styles on the Fly
Principles of Excellent Style Design
Applying Styles to Text
Appending Stylesheets to other Documents
Stylesheets, Text and Communication
Conditional Styles
Formats, Tabs and Rules
Hints, Tips and Suggestions

QuarkXpress Graphics QuarkXpress Graphics & Runaround (Text Wrap)

Importing Graphics
Editing Graphics
Resizing & Rotating Graphics
Working with Graphics and Clipping
Graphic File Formats

Positioning Graphics
Wrapping Text around Graphic Frame
Editing Text Outset
Wrapping Text Around Clipping Paths
Working with Runaround

QuarkXpress and Transparency (Opacity) QuarkXpress & Microsoft Office

Transparency Options
Transparency Considerations
Transparency Preset Flattener

Working with Microsoft Office
Importing Office Documents,
Word, Excel and PowerPoint

QuarkXpress and Print QuarkXpress and PDF

Print Considerations
Accurate Print Representations
Collect for Output
Printer Issues
Pros and Cons of Collect for Output

Exporting to PDF
PDF Definitions
PDF Limitations
Setting PDF Security
PDF Print Settings

QuarkXpress Versions...

We run Quark Training at any level on any version of QuarkXpress although earlier versions will be subject to limitations.  The Quark Trainer will point these out during the training and suggest alternative workflows.
Prices for the Two Day QuarkXpress Training - 
(the more persons on the course the more you benefit) ALL PRICES INC VAT

Standard rate for one person is £300 per day
Second & subsequent persons £75.00 per person per day
The above price includes 6 months post course support. We like to build rapport with our clients so any Quark post course support would held direct with the Quark trainer who delivered the course/s. It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our online training tips, tricks & tutorials section

QuarkXpress Courses...

This QuarkXpress Training shows...

Document Design and Setup...

Layout Principles...

Breaking the Grid (grids for layouts)...

Design Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters...

Work with Master Pages...

Create, Edit and Save Stylesheets...

Colour Theory...

Colour Principles...

Textboxes, Text Flow and Threading...

Document Layout, Bleed, Slug, Margins, Columns, Guides, Grids...

Create flyers, banners, marketing materials, brochures on this QuarkX Course...

Create financial reports combining Excel & QuarkXpress...

Put together Tender Documents and Marketing Materials...

Mobile Classrooms...

Ask about our mobile classroom facility...

Latest HP laptops...

Projector & Screen...

Manuals or Handouts...

Notepads & Pens...

Fruit & Sweets...

All we need is a room and we can set up the training suite in a few minutes.

Onsite QuarkXpress Training...positives...

We come to you - which means no travelling costs, no expenses, no loss of staff from the premises...

Pricing to reflect a closed company class..

Dates & Times to suit you...

Quark Course Locations...

QuarkXpress Training Courses in Midlands, North including Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Liverpool, Cambridge, Lincoln, Milton Keynes, South West and all locations in the vicinity.