Presentation Training Courses...

Presentation Training...

Although our presentation training courses are run in Powerpoint, Prezi and Apple Keynotes there one common demoninator - the end result - a professional, crystal clear projected presentation.  Their focus is visual impact using type, colour and rich media to produce and publish compelling informative presentations.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 Training...

The Powerpoint 2016 Training Course has been specifically developed for high impact, professional presenting it gives the skills needed to produce consistent, clear design using rich media elements including video, animation and audio.  It shows how to work interactively with PowerPoint working with graphs and the web. 

PowerPoint Course Prices...onsite training

First delegate £275.00 per day
Subsequent delegates £75.00 per day each

If required we can supply Laptop hire at £25.00 per day per computer

PowerPoint Course Overview...

PowerPoint and Graphics
Understanding Infographics
Designing Infographics in PowerPoint
Infographics for high impact visual presentations
Using & Combining Shapes & Connectors 
Apply Morph Transistion (365/2016 only)

PowerPoint Animation
Advanced Animation Techniques
Stages of Animation
Animation Timings
Advanced Animation Timings
Multiple Animations
Motion Paths / Custom Motion Paths

PowerPoint and Video
Working with Video
Inserting Video
Video Skins & Timing
Embedding /Linking Video to Youtube
Video and Sharepoint
Building Video using Screencast
Work with Podcasts & Voice Over Recording

PowerPoint Design Structure
Define Design Structure
Working with Branding
Colour in PowerPoint
Fonts in PowerPoint
Slide Masters 
Story Boarding

PowerPoint Interactive
Rollover States
Buttons & Button Design
Buttons & Action States & Navigation

PowerPoint and iPad
Working with PowerPoint & iPads
Transferring to iPad
Working with iPad for Visual Communications

PowerPoint Bullets
Change Bullets to Impact Visuals
Engage Audience Attention
Working with Bullet Timings

PowerPoint Images
Create Powerful Images in Powerpoint
Edit Images
Design & Manipulate Images inside PowerPoint
Work with Photographs

PowerPoint and Excel
Work with Excel Data
PowerPoint and Live Excel Data
Excel 'Edit on the fly'

PowerPoint and Excel Charts
Insert Excel Charts, Bar, Pie, Scatter, Add Timelines
Edit Excel Charts
Animate Charts in PowerPoint for High Impact
Chart Data on the Fly

PowerPoint Branding Look and Feel
Templates for Consistency
Slide Masters
PowerPoint and Brand Consistency

PowerPoint Output
Techniques to:
Add Sound
Convert to Website Use
Presentation Narration

Prezi Training Courses...

Cloud based Prezi offers the ability to deliver non linear powerful highly graphical presentations quickly and easily.  Easily shared between users on different digital devices its as simple to deliver on an iPad whilst on the move or a corporate meeting room anywhere on the globe.  

Working on the Prezi Canvas provides a flat level design approach that works by panning and zooming allowing you to creatively collaborate with collegues any time and anywhere.  

Depending on the amount of delegates the Prezi Course generally runs for one day but we can organise and Prezi Training for large teams and companies.

Prezi Course Content...

Prezi Canvas
Working with Non Linear Layouts
Navigating the Prezi Workspace
Understand Prezi Design

Prezi Themes
Working with Prezi Themes
Adapting Prezi Themes
Extreme Customisation of Prezi Themes

Prezi Text & Format
Add & Edit Text
Add & Edit Hyperlinks
Format Options

Prezi Images
Import Images
Work with Images
Image Considerations

Prezi & Multi Media
Working with Video
Inserting Video
Video Options
Converting Video

Prezi Shapes & Frames
Working with Frames
Zooming with Frame Content
Using the Canvas Content
Understanding Frame Interaction

Prezi & External Files
Work with PowerPoint Files
Insert PDF
Insert Excel 

Prezi Presenting
Prepare the Canvas for Present
Hot Tips & Tricks for Live Presenter
Download, embed & show the Prezi

Prezi Vision
Working with Prezi on mobile devices
iPad App
Locate and use video & imagery for the Prezi

Prezi Collabortors
Use Prezi Meeting
Add Users to the Prezi
Work with Prezi Account Management

Prezi Practicalities
Set up Projector
Auto Play Prezi Presentation

Prezi Publishing Publishing
Embedding Prezi's on Websites & Blogs

Presentation Training Courses...

We run presentation courses in PowerPoint, Prezi and SlideRocket and in the case of PowerPoint in any version.  

We are happy to discuss any presentation training requirements with you and look forward to hearing from you with regard to our courses.

Prezi Training Locations...
Prezi Training in the Midlands, Derby,
Prezi Training in Birmingham, Tamworth and Stafford 
Prezi Training in Yorkshire, Sheffield, Leeds
Prezi Training in Liverpool, Northwest

PowerPoint Training Course Locations...
Midlands, Leicester, Leicestershire, Coalville, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, Hinckley, Nottingham
Staffordshire, Birmingham, Rugby, Burton on Trent, Stoke on Trent
Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Luton
Yorkshire, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford   Yorks
Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool
Derby and Derbyshire, Burton, Swadlincote, Birmingham

Apple Keynotes Courses Location...
Midlands, Nottingham,