InDesign Advanced Training

InDesign Advanced Training... As design needs become more company specific then obviously so do company training needs so we thought you might like an insight into some of the bespoke Adobe Training Courses we run.  This particular week it was a requirement for Bespoke InDesign Advanced Training with tailored content run onsite in the Midlands.  In essence the client wanted to utilise and upskill their own design team Read More

Photoshop Training - Tips and Tricks

Photoshop Tips and Tricks... Photoshop is a huge, massive piece of software covering all areas of image production.  So whether you work in design, Photography, Public Relations, Document Production etc the chances are you will come into contact with it to a greater or lesser degree. On the Photoshop Training Courses we work with the tools and features and cover most areas of specilisation.  Whilst 'travelling' the Read More

Prezi Update

Prezi Over the last week  there's a slightly different look to Prezi.  Nothing really drastic in there but worth taking a look to familiarise yourselves.  There's nothing radically new in there it's just mainly to do with the look which has been slimmed down and some features changes ... Prezi Changes Get in touch if we can help with any aspect of your Prezi Training needs - we run Prezi Courses across Read More

Adobe Presenter Courses in the Midlands

Adobe Presenter Training Course... Our Adobe Presenter Training Course  new overview is now up onsite at Adobe Presenter Courses.  The training shows how to create and develop your own complete elearning projects from scratch through to publishing to LMS's, YouTube, Vimeo and so forth.  The focus is on strong elearning design using video, web cams and audio for strong multimedia Read More

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Sign up for the Adobe Creative Cloud update on 18th June Read More
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