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Adobe InDesign 2019 Training Course - Introduction...

Part of the Creative Cloud this is an Adobe InDesign 2019 training Course run at introduction level and is ideal for those who need to get a firm grasp on the software quickly. It is very much a hands-on course which is hosted onsite at your premises as an inhouse training event. 

Adobe InDesign 2019 Training - Info...

This is a trainer led course which is delivered by a live trainer using screen demonstations combined with hands on exercises with the delegates

InDesign 2019 Training Course - Introduction Overview...

If you're new or slighty rusty with InDesign then this course provides all the key elements of working with the software. You will learn how to set up a document from scratch using bleed, slug and columns then move forward with working with text and placing graphics in your documents. 

The InDesign Course then builds on that knowledge and shows how to work with Master Pages, Styles and to use layout elements such as document and baseline grid to produce both consistent and professional looking spreads. The training then wraps up with making sure these documents get both to print using both PDF export and /or Preflight.

By the end of your InDesign 2019 Training Course you will be able to create, design and output a variety of spreads and layouts including flyers, brochures, handouts, manuals, reports and digital PDF documents.

Getting started with InDesign
New Document Setup Tabs
Creating New Print /Digital Document
Printer Marks (Bleed, Slug, Columns)
New Document Pre-Sets

InDesign 2019 Properties Panel
Layout & Adjust Layout (2019)

InDesign Images
Placing images
Editing images / graphic frames
Content Aware Fill (2019)
Links Panel

InDesign Layout
Margins & Columns
Smart Guides
Document Grids

Smart Layout
Grids & Guides
Smart Guides
Align & Distribute Objects
Rulers (Zero Point), 

Text frames
Formatting Text frames
Text frame properties
Text frame – multi column setup
Aligning to Grids

InDesign & Master Pages
Master Page Principles
Creating Master Pages
Editing & Updating Masters
Adding Page Numbers

InDesign CC Libraries
Adding Content
Images, Colour, Styles & Text
Sharing & Collaborating Libraries
CC Libraries for Teams

Placing & Importing Images
Resizing, Rotating, Adjusting Images
Positioning Images in Layouts
Working with Multiple Images

Object Graphic Styles
Designing Graphic Styles
Adding to Object Graphic Styles Panel
Editing Object Graphic Styles
Graphic Styles to Frames
Saving /Importing /Editing

Type & Images
Working with Text & Images
Working with Text Wrap
Clipping Paths
Removing Backgrounds for Text Wrap
Text Insets

Preflight & Package
Export (print) to .PDF

Prices for InDesign Training - onsite per day
All prices INCLUSIVE of VAT
Standard rate for one person per day is £275.00 All Inc
Additional Person/s per day £75.00 All Inc

InDesign Training Locations

This InDesign Training Course is held onsite across the UK including the Midlands, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, Sheffield, Birmingham, Worcester, Cheltenham, Blackpool, the North East & North West.

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Course Reviews...


You Said!...

The trainer squeezed in a huge amount over the 3 days.  She worked with us to deliver a bespoke session that will support upcoming projects.  We know this is a continous learning process but now we have the tools to build with and move forward collectively.

This is a hugely knowledgeable trainer who provided lots of practice opportunities.  I would recommend this training for other teams looking to build skills with both software and design.  We have become confident in a very short time.

Thank you for all your help, we are already planning what to do next time.
Web & Communications Team

I have had an absolutely amazing time this has helped so much in my professional and design work.  It was delivered in such a way that was easy to follow and remember the steps.

Thank you to our trainer this was my most favourite training ever, I loved learning this.

It was brilliant.
Business Administration
School Improvement Liverpool Ltd...

Laptop Hire!...

Laptop Hire is available at £25.00 per computer per person per day