InDesign Training & Design

InDesign Training & Design... As well as our other courses we now offer training and design days created specifially with you in mind.  Instead of following set course protocols, overviews and exercise we combine InDesign Training with design.  During the course the trainer works with you to produce a variety of materials for your company which means you leave at the end of the training with a set of documents to start Read More

Digital Training Courses

Digital Training Courses... Towards the latter quarter of 2015 we seemed to have a run on tailored training with both Prezi Courses and Photoshop Training - take a look and see our updated testimonials page to see how we did. We ran an introductory /custom Prezi Course  which gave our client the skills they needed to produce presentations based on training to enhance their own inhouse training - one of the last Photoshop Read More

Edit Individual Corners in Adobe InDesign

Edit Individual Frame Corners in Adobe InDesign... Our InDesign Introduction Course covers Frames & Frame Corners in depth.  Frames can be.  You can of course simply double click on the yellow box on the InDesign Frame (text or graphic frame - makes no difference) to bring up the four yellow handles are simply dragged until you achieve the desi drag until you have the desired effect. Corner options are Read More

Adobe Captivate 9 Training

Adobe Captivate 9... Released over the last few days we already up and running courses in the latest version - so whats new?  Captivate 9 gives you more control over where and when you working using the new Captivate Draft, which lets you create storyboards and share them for viewing, online collaboration or reviews on Cloud.  Storyboards can then be imported to Captivate 9 and published out as reponsive projects. Take Read More

Photoshop 2015 New Features

Photoshop 2015 New Features... We thought you might like to see a couple of the new features included in Photoshop 2015.  Liking the new artboard feature in particular which like Illustrator now lets you have multiple artboards in Photoshop 2015.  Artboards in Photoshop 2015... These are pretty useful both for designers and photographers as they let you create multiple replications of images in a single document or Read More