Adobe Illustrator Course for Fashion Designers...

Adobe Illustrator Course for Fashion Designers...

In addition to our Adobe Illustrator Introduction Course, Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course and Adobe Illustrator Advanced Course we run a dedicated Adobe Illustrator Course for Fashion Designers.  This Illustrator Fashion Course runs for three days and takes you through the steps needed to produce beautiful fashion designs.  Depending on your Illustrator knowledge it can be adapted and run as a one day course focusing on any specific areas you need to cover.

Adobe Illustrator Course Locations...

The Illustrator Courses are held onsite on your premises or we can organise a training suite in a location to suit you.  Our Illustrator Courses are held UK wide including the Midlands, the North West, North East, East Anglia and the South. 

Adobe Illustrator Course Duration...

This Illustrator for Fashion Course is flexible depending on which content you'd like including and can run between one and three days..

Adobe Illustrator Course Content...

During this course you will learn the tools and features that comprise Adobe Illustrator and find out how to produce professional artwork from hand drawn sketches, fabric scans and line art.  You will be working on digital dummies adding garments and using Illustrator for colouring and shading.  Learn to produce zips, buttons, feathers, textures, stitching and patterns by using Illustrators tools.

Our full Adobe Illustrator Course for Fashion Designers is shown below and we do actively encourage to bring in your own patterns, designs and ideas to this course.  

Meet Illustrator
Creating & Editing Objects
Rotation & Scale
Reflecting & Shearing
Duplication & Rotation
Align & Distribute
Transforming Objects
Arrange Menu
Step & Repeat

Illustrator and Colour
Colour Models
New Colours, Edit Colours, Remove Colour, Replace Colour
Colour Theory
Create Swatches, Save Swatches, Add Swatches
Pantones & Spot Colours
Colour Guide
Colour Harmony Rules
Recolour Artwork

Selection Tools
Selection & Direct Selection Tools
Select Menu for blends, fill & stroke and fine art selections
Advanced Selection Options
Lasso Tool

Illustrator Layers
Create & Edit Layers
View & Print Layers
Sub Layers
Layer Properties
Understand Layer Functions

Transparency Panel
Using Transparency
Knockout options (ie. designing stitching)
Knockout to Create Double Stitched Lines
Opacity Masks
Blending Modes

Strokes & Appearance Panel
Creating & Editing Strokes
Mitre Limits
Round Caps & Joins
Use Strokes to Create Stitches
Stoke Options

Illustrator's Brush Panel
Create & Edit Pattern Brushes
Use Brushes to Create Zips
Use Brushes to Create Cover Stitches, Zig Zag Stitches, Double Needle Top Stitch, Seam Stitch
Apply Brushes to Paths & Strokes
Learn best practice with different brushes

Live Trace Tool
Work with Live Trace
Live Trace Different Fabrics ie. Lace
Change Live Trace Settings
Use Live Sketch to Create Sketches & Various Clothing Specs
Flat Design Tracing

More Illustrator Brushes
Create & Edit Other Brush Types
Brush Options
Create Wash Effects with Brushes
Use Wash Effects to Paint Mood Boards
Bristle Brush
Create Folds, Ruffles, Ruching, Elastic Waist Bands

Colour Fashion Sketches
Learn Live Paint
Edit Live Paint
Use Gradients to Shade & Tone Fashion Sketches
Use Gradient Mesh to Delicately Blend & Shade
Work with Paint & Gradient Mesh
Gradient Mesh Options

Pattern Designs
Create & Design Lace
Create & Design Floral
Create & Design Geometics
Create & Design Stripes
Edit Patterns

Hand Drawn Sketches to Technical Drawing
Import Hand Drawn Sketches
Use Live Trace to Change Sketch to Paths
Work & Fine Tune Live Trace Paths
Adjust & Edit Paths
Understand Contraints of Live Trace

Pen Tool
Working with the Pen
Create & Modify Curved or Angular Paths
Adding / Deleting Anchor Points
Convert Anchor Points
Scissors & Knife Tool for Cutting Paths
Tips & Tricks for using the Pen
Stroke Paths

Illustrators Pattern Feature
Create Patterns from Scratch
Learn how to Apply Patterns to fit Shapes
Adapt & Edit Existing Patterns
Give 3D Bulk & Shape to Patterns
Repeating Patterns
Seamless Patterns

Fashion Design
Using & Editing Templates
Sketching & Drawing a Skirt
Sketching & Drawing a Tee Shirt
Designing High Heels
Apply Leather & Patent Textures to Shoes

Fashion Work
Using Dummies
Produce Symmetrical Silhouttes
Technical and Styled Flats
Working within Fashion Specs
Scanning Textiles
Editing Textiles

Prices for Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design Course
Standard rate for one person is £825.00 inc VAT for the 3 day Course
Subsequent Persons £50.00 inc VAT each per day

We like to build rapport with our clients so any Adobe Illustrator Course support would held direct with the Adobe Illustrator trainer who delivered the course/s. It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our Adobe Illustrator online training tips, tricks & tutorials section


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