Photoshop HDR Training Example

Bespoke Photoshop Course this week followed the overall course content except for one additional feature - HDR. The course was held onsite just outside Derby as a one to one. Automatic bracketing was set up in camera - then after a little judicious tweaking the HDR was applied in Read More

InDesign Introduction Training Course Example...

InDesign Training Example... The InDesign Introduction Training Course has been designed with one objective in mind to let you hit the ground running and to start producing professional looking spreads/ layouts and documents from the start.  As well as learning how to put together documents using grids, guides and styles good design practice is also adhered to in this course.  It's no use just learning to create and Read More

InDesign Intermediate Training Course

InDesign Intermediate Course... With this InDesign Intermediate Course we felt something different was needed so we developed something of a mutant course. A course that does something different by covering both print and digital output.  It's designed to build on current skills but also focusing on the digital side more by teaching how to create interactive .PDF's and /or if required eBooks. By using the beauty of Read More

Photoshop Tutorial - Creating Flyers

Photoshop Training - Creating a flyer... Photoshop Introduction Training... One of the things we do early in the Photoshop Introduction course is to let delegates create and design something relevant to themselves or their business .  The following example is from a delegate who put this together after a couple of hours of training.  Once you get the hang of a few tools and techniques in Photoshop this is quite quick and Read More