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The aim of these terms and conditions is to set out the agreement between myself and the client, and where training is contracted to a trainer, between us and the trainer.

Cancellation by Company or Delegate

If the client (company or delegate) cancels the course in under 10 day (working days) notice then cancellation fees will be incurred.  These are charged out at...

Cancellation Terms...
10 days or more notice  No Fee
5 to 10 days (working) 50% of the Fee is payable
3 to 4 days (working) 75% of the Fee is payable
Less that 3 days (working) Full Course Fee is Payable

Curve and Learn reserve the right to cancel a training course up to and on the training date. If a course is cancelled then we will provide a full refund but will not be liable for any further compensation.

In the event of client cancellation all or any pre-paid travel and accomodation (trains, public transport, etc) made by the trainer will be reimbursed in full by the client.

Agreement with the client

1) Your Training booking.

You are booking a trainer to provide you with the training course/s specified, on the dates specified on the booking form.

Bookings are normally made for a full day (usually 5 - 6 hrs of training), with timings agreed between both parties these training times will be on the confirmation of booking form or by email. Bookings are charged at a daily rate or course rate for block bookings.

Unless we are providing the kit (laptops) when training is to be held at your office, home (or other training room facilities arranged for the training), you are responsible for ensuring that all necessary equipment and software is available and that it is fully functional in time for the training.

Make sure that the course is correct for your needs and all relevant information has been given with regard to the level of training required.  For the bespoke, workshop training please ensure you give exact details prior to booking.  We accept no responsibility for a trainer being unable to provide the exact training you require if you have not provided correct and full information regarding your training requirements before booking the training.

2) Payment of training fees by client

The prices normally quoted in correspondence and on the booking form are for payment no later than 30 days after the training day

2a) Travel expenses and any necessary accommodation expenses for on-site training shall be paid by the client on top of the course fees.  Expenses, travel and accommodation are to be paid for in full in advance of the training.

3) Late payment

3a) Any late payments (after the 30 day payment window stated by date of invoice issue) will incur late payment fees of £75.00 per 7 days overdue

3b) Any further costs, such as time spent trying to obtain payment (writing letters, making phone calls, etc.), will also be added to the outstanding amount owed. This will be charged at £60/hr, in 15 minute blocks (minimum charge £15).

3d) Should payment not be received in full within 8 weeks after payment due date, then legal action will be taken to recover the total amount owed as well as all extra charges and legal costs.

This applies to all bookings unless other arrangements have been agreed in writing at the time of booking.
Training fees and the dates by which payment should be made will be stated on your booking form as well as on the invoice.

4) Cancellation or changes to a training booking

4a) i) Cancellation for date change requests by client:  We require cancellations or date change requests to be made 21 days minimum prior to the training date.  If cancelled or changed within 21 days there will be no cancellation charge involved.

4a) ii) Cancellation Charges
Cancellation charges apply to all training bookings cancelled or changed 20 days or less before training start date.

·         Cancellation received 15 - 20 days before the start of training: the client will pay 25% of the total value of training.

·         Cancellation received 8 - 14 days before the start of training: the client will pay 50% of the total value of the training.

·         Cancellation received 7 days or less before the start of training: the client will pay 100% of the total value of the training.

·         Cancellation on the day of training: the client will pay 100% of the total value of the training.

4a) iii) When cancelling a booking for on-site training the client will pay for any expenses, such as for train, flight tickets or accommodation already purchased.

4a) iv) Where a trainer visiting your office or home is unable to provide you with training due to the necessary software or equipment not being available or not being fully functional, this will be treated as a cancellation and full payment for that day will be due.

4b i) Cancellation by us

4b) ii) We reserve the right, in every case, to reschedule or to cancel courses or part of a course as necessary. You will usually be given a minimum of 14 days notice with the exception of certain unforeseen circumstances (see below ). If it does become necessary to cancel, you will be entitled to take that course at a later date or receive a full refund of any course fees paid for each day cancelled.

4b) iii) Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances

We reserve the right, in every case, to cancel or reschedule the course or part of a course at short notice including the training due to unforeseen circumstances. This may include power failure, train cancellation or strike, exceptional weather conditions, illness or injury. This includes all dates including the day of course delivery and all and any dates leading up to the training day.

You will have the option to reschedule the course at a later date, or have a full refund of any course fees paid for each day cancelled.

4b) iv) Responsibility will not accepted for any consequential loss whatsoever by you arising from cancellation or curtailment of any course by yourself, the company or individual delegate.

4b) v) Dates reserved for training - unless more time is specifically requested we hold dates for 5 days maximum before releasing them. We will send one email with the course details and requesting a confirmation of booking and if no response three days later we send another email and if no response we will release the dates.

5) Trainers

5a) Training jobs may be sub-contracted to freelance trainers. The trainer may follow a course outline available from us or they may follow their own course structure or provide a custom course based on details the client has provided. The course required will be discussed with the trainer and client in advance of the training.

5b) Responsibility will not accepted for any loss or damage arising from the actions of any trainer and any claim should be made directly with the trainer.

5c) The client should notify us as soon as possible of any problem they may have with a trainer or the training.

Agreement with trainer

This applies where training is contracted to a freelance trainer.

Before the training is arranged, the trainer will confirm their total price for the job (this must include any agreed travel expenses and accommodation expenses, as well as any extra charges for notes, manuals or books, and any VAT - if they are VAT registered).

The trainer will be responsible for paying all travel and accommodation expenses related to the the training, and where appropriate these expenses should be included in your invoice to us. Only those expenses previously agreed will be paid, extra fees, costs and expenses which were not stated by the trainer in their price for the job will not be paid.

The trainer should at all times behave in a responsible and professional manor when dealing with the client and working on the clients premises. 
The trainer is responsible for ensuring that they are correctly insured against any liability claims for damage caused by them while working at the clients premises.

Payments to the trainer
Payment will be made to the trainer after the training has taken place, and after an invoice is received from the trainer for the agreed amount. Payment will normally be made quickly after the training, this is nearly always within 14 days after training completion but may sometimes be slightly later if the payment is received late from the client.