Curve and Learn Facebook Page

Curve and Learn Facebook Page... Our FB page has sat for what seems like forever gathering dust on Facebook and why?  Because we've neglected it, not nurtured it and generally ignored its existence over the years.  However we've decided this should change and are under the process of resurrecting it from the obscurity.  Which is why we could with your help - you know what we're going to ask - do nip over and Read More

Adobe Illustrator Magic Wand Tool

Adobe Illustrator Magic Wand... The Adobe Illustrator Introduction course shows you various ways to select objects on an artboard including the under utilised Magic Wand Tool, in fact there are numerous ways to select including click and drag and shift click.  However the Magic Wand Tool allows you to select objects with the same attributes ie. all purple objects and then to make changes on a global scale. The Magic Wand is on Read More