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Illustrator Training Course Options...

We run a number of Adobe Illustrator Training Courses starting from an Introduction through to an Advanced Course. We also specialise in more bespoke Illustrator Training Solutions such as our Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Course and Product Design.

Our courses are run in-house at your premises and are suitable for both 121 sessions and small company groups. We also run our courses as virtual online Illustrator training sessions with a live instructor on most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Webex and Teams. 

All of 0ur courses are run at times and dates to suit you.

Illustrator Courses...

Adobe Illustrator is used in so many ways, logo design, artwork, fashion and textile design to name but a few and our set courses are listed below.  If you are looking more for a workshop or perhaps Illustrator refresher training drop us an email for an informal chat about content.

Our approach to Illustrator training is totally organic and we work with you to create a unique course blended for you and your teams.  Whether you are looking to introduce someone to Illustrator for the first time, upskill a current team member or run a class for the whole team we can ensure the Illustrator Training is specific to you.

Being design orientated we provide specialist design training like the Illustrator Course for Textile Design and Illustrator Course for Fashion Designers. Both these Illustrator Courses are designed for anyone looking to enter the the world of textile and fashion design, designers already working but looking to upgrade their skills.  

Our Illustrator Course for Fashion Design shows how to draw out garment spec's including garments, zips, sequins, design patterns and textures and bring them together into a digital portfolio.  We show how to work with Illustrator to create and adapt patterns, work with textiles, scan patterns, work on seamless, repeat patterns.  Learn how to create and adapt brushes to produce stitching, use paths for shading, light and tone and work with a myriad of Illustrator tools to produce stunning design.

Adobe Illustrator Introduction Course Duration...

This Adobe Illustrator Course runs for one day in which you will learn the tools and techniques used to get to grip with the software quickly and effectively.  Having got a firm grip of the basics you the work with different types of artwork to create logo design, flyer layout, drawing over lineart and applying colour and shading to enhance current art. 

Illustrator Introduction Course Content...

Meet Adobe Illustrator
Tool Panel & Tools
Panels Overview
Control Bar /Properties
Views /Selection Tools
Working with Preferences

Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools
Bezier Pen
Working with  Anchor Points /Paths
Knife /Scissors /Shape /Eraser /Smooth
Pen Drawing Techniques
Curves & Angled Corners

Adobe Illustrator for Social Media
Edit Existing Social Media Icons
Create & Design New Icons
Create Fills /Strokes /Textures for Icons
Create Basic Social Media Banners
Image Placement & Brushes on Banners

Adobe Illustrator Colour
Colour Panels
Process /Spot /Global Colours /Pantones
Swatches Palettes
Adding /Editing /Deleting Swatches
Eyedropper /Paintbucket
Gradient Panel /Linear /Radial /Freeform

Adobe Illustrator Type Tool
Creating /Editing Type
Typeface Attributes /Tracking /Leading /Kerning
Type on a Path
Type Path Options
Outline Type
Type Area Tool
Frame Options

Adobe Illustrator Shapes
Elliptic, Poly, Spiral, Rectangle Tools
Geometric Shapes
Reshaping / Resizing
Transform Tool /Scale /Reflect /Shear /Rotate
Pathfinder Palette
Shear /Scale Tool

Adobe Illustrator Layout Tools
Grids /Guides
Stacking Order
Grouping /Ungrouping
Align & Distribute

Adobe Illustrator Images
Importing & Placing Images
Matching Image Colour
Linking /Embedding Images
Working with Links Panel

Adobe Illustrator Trace
The Trace Tool /Trace Panel Options
Trace Options
Working with Trace Paths
Recolour Artwork

Adobe Illustrator
Print Options
Understanding Print Jobs
Print to .PDF
Print to Professional Bureau

Illustrator Intermediate Training...

This Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course hones on the skills and techniques learnt either on the Adobe Illustrator Introduction Course or real world experience.  Learn how to use the path tools to create more complex and professional artwork.  Discover how to make best use of smart guides for precision object placement, work with type and typography to produce logo's and area text.  

Amongst other modules during your Illustrator Intermediate Course you will learn to create artwork such as 3D cubes, tubes, recolour and shade lineart, create logos, design info graphics and produce a layout using outlines, block text and masked graphics.  These exercises are extremely flexible and can be substituted for ones of your choice on the course if required.

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course Prequistes...

This Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course is suitable for those with prior experience of the software either from the workplace or from attending our Illustrator Introduction Course.  The Illustrator Training can be run on a one to one basis or for small company groups.

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course Content...

Advanced Paths
Work in depth with Pen Tool
Create Complex and Custom Shapes
Work with Path Modification
Accurate Path Drawing
Pen Options
Additional Pen Tools
Work with Pathfinder
Create Images using Compound Paths

Advanced Fills
Create Textures, Patterns and Fills
Define and Design Patterns
Use Pattern maker
Create Flawless Repeats and Seamless Patterns
Create Organic Flowing Textures
Create Dramatic Graphic Fills
Envelope Warp
Blend Tool

Accurate Positioning
Smart Guides
Work with Smart Guides for Precise Positioning
Transform Palette
Work with Illustrator Grids

Colours and Shades
Create Gradients
Use Gradients for Light and Shade
Work with Gradient Mesh
Sample and Modify Colours

Type and Typography
Create Outlines
Edit Outlines using Path Tools
Work with Character & Paragraph Styles
Work with Text on a Path
Text on a Path Options
Area Type Tool
Warp Tool

Create and Design New Brush Tips
Work with Art, Calligraphic, Pattern Brushes
Work with Jitter, Spacing, Sizing etc Options
Fit to Path and Along Stoke Options
Apply Artwork to Brushes
Use the Brush Panel
Save and Load Brush Panels

Graphics and Text
Import Graphics
Create Masks
Work with Area Text
Create Various Text Wrap

Illustrator Output
Prepare Artwork
Printers Marks
Export Command
Save for Web

Our Illustrator Courses can be run in most versions up to and including the latest.  It can be combined with other Adobe Course content including Photoshop for full digital design solutions.

Illustrator Course Locations...

As well as covering Midlands, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Liverpool, York, Lincoln, Cambridge, Oxford, Norwich, Cheltenham, Coventry. We cover various regions including Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Bradford

Some of the locations for our Illustrator Introduction Training and the Illustrator Fashion Designers Course...

Gloucestershire, Cheltenham and Gloucester
Yorkshire and Leicestershire Leeds, Harrogate
Cheshire, Chester, Crewe
Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, Ely, Norwich and Lincoln
Derby and Derbyshire including Chesterfield
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire    
Lincoln and Lincolnshire   
Manchester and Lancashire       

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Training Course Location...

Midlands, The North

Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training Course Locations...

Cheshire, Chester
Birmingham, Staffordshire
Nottingham, Worksop, Newark and Nottinghamshire

Illustrator Training Courses...


Illustrator Fashion Design Course...

Bespoke Illustrator Fashion Design

The came to deliver training to 5 staff at Walsall college. She was an amazing instructor who's session was fast paced but she also spared the time to see individuals who were struggling with anything. I personally have always had a barrier when using computers but after just the first day I couldn't wait to get back on it. I would strongly recommend using Curve and Learn obviously knew what she was doing and we covered alot in only 3 days. I couldn't recommend her enough.

Wayne A, Lecturer in Art & Design
Walsall College

Illustrator Introduction /Design Bespoke...

All objectives were met and I learnt much more than I expected, many things I didn't even know existed on Illustrator. Really good and engaging course that felt like fun not hard work.

Designer - VillaNova Brand

The Trainer was brilliant and enthusiastic about the software, her method of teaching kept us all engaged all day.  I already knew Illustrator but learnt a lot more things to take back to the studio with me.  Today was good fun and we learnt useful things to do with colour, pattern, texture, repeats and a general knowledge of what all the tools do.

Designer - Black Edition Brand
ROMO - Nottingham /London

Illustrator Introduction Training...

We really enjoyed the course and felt we covered a lot that was relevant to our work.  Very much looking to put this into practice.

Marketing Manager

Very informative and interesting.  The training was both friendly and easy to digest.  Would recommend.

Marketing Assistant
Lincs Radio FM Group

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