InDesign ePubs Course...

InDesign ePubs Course...

InDesign ePubs Course is a specialised course aimed at those seeking to output their work as ebooks.  It shows how to work with text to produce smart looking ebooks for digital devices including Kindle, iPads, iPhones and Android.  Our InDesign ePubs Course is held across the UK with the epubs trainer coming direct to your location.

InDesign ePubs Trainer...

Just a word about our ePubs Trainer.  For over ten years our ePubs Trainer has been the technology correspondent for Writing Magazine (Warners Group) and writes frequently on ebooks and epublishing content. 

InDesign ePubs Pre-requistes...

There are none apart from being able to use a computer  Because this course focuses on writing and text we encourage you to include your work in the course. Please state at time of booking which word processor you are currently using to write your book or text's in.

The InDesign ePubs Course usually runs for one day.

InDesign ePubs Course Content...

The InDesign ePubs course content is shown below and we are happy to work with your current book or to provide book text to work with.

InDesign ePubs Course Overview...

What is an ePub?
Understanding ePubs & eFormats
Working with ePubs
Design and ePubs Format

External Software to work with ePubs
ePub Workspaces

ePubs Front Cover
Design eyecatching Front Covers
Dynamic Design
Understand Front Cover Principles
Front Cover Options

ePub Design
Principle of ePub Design
Effective Eye Catching Design
InDesign ePubs Document Set Up
ePub Planning
Type Considerations
Layout Considerations

ePUbs and Images
Working with Images
Inline Images
Inline Image Options
Inline v Custom Positioning
Image Position
Image Object Options Box

Working with Text
Text flow
Automatic Text Frames
Styling ebook Text
Working with Type
Understanding Type Limitations in eBooks
Paragraph and Character Styles
Type Theory

 ePubs Images and Photoshop
Working with Photoshop for professional images
Resize, Adjust Resolution in Images
Image File Formats
*Designing ePubs Front Covers / Options
Cropping Images
Adding Special Effects
Optimising for Web

ePub Articles Panel
Working with Articles Panel
Creating /editing Articles
Article Flow Order
Control Flow

ePub Handling
Create Table of Contents
Work with Book Panel
Controlling Flow and Appearance with Book Panel
Handling Chapters

ePub Formatting
Working with Content Flow
Controlling Text and Images
Understanding Text Flow & Text Frames

Roundtripping with External Software
Previewing eBooks
Adobe Digital Editions

ePub Practicalities
Validation and ePubs
Working with Validation Errors
Validation Epub Specifications

ePubs Export Considerations
ePubs to iPads, iTunes, iPhone
ePubs to Kindle
mobi devices

 Prices for the Adobe ePubs Course

ePubs Course £275.00 per day All INC for first person
ePubs Course £75.00 per day ALL INC for subsequent persons on the course

ePubs Consultation and Workshops available - Please call to discuss specific requirements 


Adobe Training Courses...

Adobe Courses...

We run other Adobe Courses including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Illustrator which can be run alongside the InDesign ePubs Course.

The Introduction to Photoshop Course can give additional skills to enhance images and optimise them for ebooks.

The Introduction to InDesign Course provides the skills needed to design and publish to print.  It also enhances and builds skills for self publishing and ebook publishing.

Introduction to Illustrator shows how to get to grips with artwork to enhance and embellish digital media including ebooks, digital design for iPads and .PDF documents.

Illustrator Training Courses...

Illustrator Introduction Course...