Photoshop CC Training...

This onsite Adobe Photoshop CC Training covers all you need to know to start producing quality, professional content on this hands on this introduction course.  It is ideal for individuals and company groups looking for a more specialised and personal approach to training as opposed to the traditional training room.  Nothing on this course is set in stone so you benefit by being able to have tailored Photoshop Training by specifying your own content or if you prefer a pick and mix to suit yourselves.  Photoshop courses are held across the UK including all major cities including Derby, Liverpool, York, Lincoln, Nottingham etc.

Photoshop CC Training Course ...

This onsite Photoshop CC 2017 training is ideal for those totally new to the software or looking to refresh their current skills. It is perfect for individuals or companies looking for private Adobe training held on their own premises.  Any of the Photoshop Training content can be tailored according to client need. 

Photoshop Introduction Course Content...

Meeting Photoshop Photoshop New Document /Setup

Begin at the beginning with a brief explanation and demonstration of how the software works and the way the different features interact with each other.

Control Bar,
Window Menu,
Photoshop Panels,

Create New Document and understand document setup by working with:

Colour Mode
New Document Tabs
Work with Photoshop Templates for fast layouts
Understand the power of Adobe Stock

Image Size & Resolution Photoshop Layers

Learn the correct way to adjust image size's and resolution by working with:

Image Resize Tool
Resize Image & Image Resolution
Image Dimensions
Constrain Proportions

Understanding Layers is fundamental and vital to using Photoshop so working with:

Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
Merging & Flattening Layers
Layer Adjustment Palette
Layer Palette

Photoshop Precise Positioning & Sizing Photoshop Selection & Selection Techniques

Prescise positioning and size is vital to professional layout so you working:

Grids / Guides / Rulers
Print v Pixel
Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
Rotation and Crop
Transform & Free Transform Tool

You need to be able to select accurately in PHotoshop so working with:

Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand,
Select & Mask
Expanding / Reducing Selections
Modifying / Transforming Selections
Saving / Loading Selections

Photoshop Type Photoshop - Select and Mask

Work with type to create a variety of text effects by working with:

Creating Type
Editing Type
Type Masks
Type & FX Effects
Shaping Type
Type & Good Design
Character & Paragraph Type

This tool only works with CC 2015 & 2017 - it is not in earlier versions:

Enter Select & Mask Mode
Select & Mask Tools & Brushes
Properties > Views
Edge Detection
Global Refinements
Creating & Editing Selections
Adding / Removing to Selections

Photoshop Masking Photoshop Design

Quick Masks
Quick Mask Mode
Creating Accurate Masks
Working with Brushes
Adding to & Removing from a Mask

Converting to Black and White
Tinting Images
Adding Textures and Edge Effects
Drop Shadows and Blending
Black and White Conversions

Photoshop Print Photoshop Export to Web

Preparing for Print
Accurate Colour for Print Output
Save in various File Formats

Exporting Images to Web
Web File Formats
Saving as HTML /JPEG /Images


Photoshop Training...

Photoshop CC Intro...

Photoshop Bespoke Training...

A very informative course conducted in a flexible, happy manner accomodating all skill sets.
Digital Marketing Manager

Very useful, the exercise of building one of our brochures taught us the required skills.

Marketing Assistant

Nottingham County Cricket Club
Trent Bridge

Photoshop Upgrade Seminar...

Very informative and completely relevant training.  Very enjoyable.

Jenny Whistler
Fashion Design Lecturer

Really good and so useful, the trainer packed a lot in a short space of time.  We hope to have more in the future.

Helen McCann-O'Leary
Photography Lecturer

Media & Visual Communications Dept, Leicester College