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Our PowerPoint 2007 Courses are delivered directly to you onsite throughout the Midlands, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Rutland, Lancashire, East Anglia, Gloucestershire.  If you prefer we can organise a training suite in a location convenient to you.

PowerPoint 2007 Introduction Training Course...

We run PowerPoint 2007 Training Courses through to PowerPoint 2013 Training Courses as well as PowerPoint Advanced Courses and Bespoke PowerPoint Training.

PowerPoint 2007 Introduction Training Course Duration...

PowerPoint 2007 Introduction Training Courses run for one day but bespoke PowerPoint Courses can vary according to your companies criteria.

PowerPoint 2007 Introduction Course Content...

PowerPoint Introduction
Understanding PowerPoints Environment
Viewing PowerPoint Presentations
Understanding the Elements of Good Design

PowerPoint & Images
Inserting Images from File
Editing Images
Inserting ClipArt
Working with Clipart
Recolouring Clipart

PowerPoint Presentations
Creating New Presentations
Editing Existing Presentations from External Source
Working with Slides
Adding, Reordering, Deleting, Inserting Slides
Working with External Slides & Files

PowerPoint Animation
Add Animation to a PowerPoint Presentation
Adjust Timings on PowerPoint Animations
Editing PowerPoint Animation Timings
Setting Custom Paths on Animations
Text Animation

PowerPoint Text
Inserting, Editing, Formatting Text
Working with Text
Inserting Bullet Points
Changing Bullets
Working with Bullet Point Positioning
Good Text Design
Use Custom Images for Bullets

PowerPoint Organisation Charts
Insert Org' Charts
Edit Org' Charts
Add, Delete Additional Elements to Org' Charts
Add Graphical Effects to Org' Charts
Change Text Formats in Org' Charts
Adapt Org' Chart Design
Org' Charts PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

PowerPoint Slide Masters
Working with Slide Masters
Using Multiple Slide Masters
Editing Slide Master Settings
Add Speaker Notes

PowerPoint Presenting
Tips & Tricks for PowerPoint Presenters
Running Presentations
Presentation Delivery Options
Exporting to Alternative Formats
Saving Presentations to Web

PowerPoint 2007 Introduction Course Prices...

Standard Rate for 1 Person is £275.00 ALL INC
Additional Persons are Charged at £50.00 ALL INC each per day
This includes 6 Months post PowerPoint 2007 Introduction Course Support from the PowerPoint Trainer who delivered the Course.  

We deliver onsite PowerPoint 2007 Training Courses across the Midlands, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Rutland, Lancashire, East Anglia, Gloucestershire

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