Adobe InDesign Training Courses...

Adobe InDesign Training Course...

Our Adobe InDesign Training Courses are as flexible as you need them to be. Choose from Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced InDesign Training or put together your own tailored customised InDesign course.

The onsite InDesign training is held across the UK including the Midlands, Birmingham, Oxford, Liverpool, Blackpool, York, Sheffield, Leeds, Cheltenham, Wales, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Manchester.     

Adobe InDesign Training - What will you learn?...

Whichever InDesign Course you choose as well as learning the software features and techniques we include practical design techniques to give your documents extra sheen.  

Whichever InDesign Course you choose you will learn how to work with layout, artwork & colour to create a wide range of smart & elegant documents.

As with all the Adobe Training Courses we provide InDesign Training in all versions up to the most recent.. 

InDesign Introduction Course...

Getting started with InDesign
Creating and saving a document
New document setup
Tools / panels
Document navigation

Placing images
Editing images / graphic frames
Image formats
Graphic frames

Tab Handling
Tab palette
Tab characters
Editing tabs
Adding leaders

Colour Panels
Working with Colour
Colour Modes
Colour Swatches
Changing / Matching Colour
Understanding Colour

Smart Layout
Grids & Guides
Smart Guides
Align & Distribute Objects
Rulers (Zero Point), 

Text frames
Formatting Text frames
Text frame properties
Text frame – multi column setup
Aligning to Grids

Placing External Text (Word, RTF)
Paragraph & Character Formatting
Typography & Layout
Create Outlines
Accurate Type for Print
Baseline Grid
Align to Baseline Grid /Align First Line
Grid Properties
Tracking /Kerning /Leading
Working with Rules /above /below
Handling Long Text Frames

InDesign Extra

Copy & Paste HTML 
Copy Code from Twitter
Frame Size & Poster Image
Alternative Layout - Liquid Disply
Design for Mobile Devices
Horizontal & Vertical Layouts
Flexible Column Widths in Frames
Autosize Text Frames
Content Collector Tool
Content Collector Tool Panel

Align to Object

Placing & Importing Images
Resizing, Rotating, Adjusting Images
Working with Photoshop Images
Positioning Images in Layouts
Working with Multiple Images

Object Graphic Styles
Designing Graphic Styles
Adding to Object Graphic Styles Panel
Editing Object Graphic Styles
Graphic Styles to Frames
Saving /Importing /Editing

Type & Images
Working with Text & Images
Working with Text Wrap
Clipping Paths
Removing Backgrounds for Text Wrap
Text Insets

Preflight & Package
Export (print) to .PDF

Adobe InDesign Intermediate Course...

Advanced Typography
Working with grids /baseline grids
Aligning to grid
Understanding Grid Layout
Typographical Terminology

Typography & Style Sheets
Advanced Styling
Nested Styles /Greps
No Break Word /Phases, /Em Dashes /Fractions
Based on Styles, Quick Apply & Next


Swatch Overview

Mixed Inks

Using the Ink Manager

Sharing Swatches

Typographical preferences

Advanced Character formatting options

Advanced Paragraph formatting options
Loading /Sharing /Exporting 

Effective Pages & Master Pages
Overview of Master Page setup
Parent & Child Master Interaction
Shuffle / Spreads
Master Page Section & Numbering
Multiple Master Pages

Alignment and Layout
Align, Distribution and Advanced Spacing
Working with Fitting /Auto Fit with Images
Setting /Editing Object Styles
Working with Frames and Smart Guides

Advanced Tables
Importing Word & Excel
Creating & Defining Cells /Rows /Columns Styles
Repeating Row /Column Styles
Cell /Row /Table Attributes
Working with Text & Tables

Managing Long Documents
Creating Local and CC Libraries
Creating Snippets & Templates
Creating TOC (Table of Contents)
Creating /Editing /Synchronising Books

Create Print /Dynamic /Interactive PDF's
Creating a hi /low res PDF for print
Creating an Interactive PDF
Adding Hyperlinks & Buttons
Adding Rich Media, Video, Animation
Work with Streaming Media
Cross References /Page Transistions /Timing

eBooks /ePub's Publishing

Creating and Understanding ePublishing
Working with Text for eBook Output
Inline Graphics /Objects
Export eBooks
eBook Platforms and Export Options

Print Output
Print Options
Preflight /PDF
Work with Overprinting
Use Separations Panel


Data Merge
Setting /Editing Data Source
Defining Graphics /Objects
Combining InDesign & Excel Data
Running an InDesign Data Merge

Adobe InDesign Advanced Course Overview...

InDesign Master Pages
Creating & Editing Master Pages
Multiple Master Pages
Locking / Unlocking Masters
Master Page Sections & Page Numbering
Sharing Master Pages between InDesign Files

InDesign Interactive Panels
Interactive Media
Working with Multi Media for Digital Devices
Page Transistions
Object States
Rich Media

InDesign Long Documents
Creating / Editing TOC's
Applying Independent Styles to TOC's
Books & Chapters
Indexing, Creating /Editing / Updating Indexes Working with Cross References

InDesign Art Tools
Colour Dropping /Matching
Type on a Path
Transparency Panel
Objects, Styles, 3D
Working with External Artwork

InDesign's Book Feature
Working with Book Panel
Synchronising Book Chapters, Styles & Colours 
Working with TOC's across Books

InDesign & Photoshop Roundtripping
Working with Photoshop Images
Combining Photoshop with InDesign 
Photoshop & InDesign Techniques 

InDesign Pen Tool
Using Pen Tool
Use Pen Tool to create Angles & Curves  
Work with Compound Paths .Freehand Shapes Understanding Bezier Pen & Bezier Curves 

InDesign Advanced Image Handling
Clipping Paths
Alpha Channels from Photoshop
Image Formatting
Dynamic Text Wrapping

Type & Images
Working with Text & Images
Working with Text Wrap
Removing Backgrounds for Text Wrap
Text Insets

InDesign Print
Preflight & Package
Export to .PDF
PDF Options including Security
Export to other Format Options

Our Adobe InDesign Training Courses include...

Instructor Led InDesign Training
Adobe InDesign Course Support both by email or phone for up to 6 months
Adobe InDesign Training Notes

Adobe InDesign Training Course Overviews...

We have different InDesign Courses all viewable from the bar on the right.  If you have queries or prefer to design a Tailored InDesign Course then get in touch to chat about how to take it further.

We provide Adobe InDesign Digital Courses for designing and creating interactive apps for digital design on iPads, iPhones, iTunes and Android devices.  The Adobe InDesign ePubs courses shows how to flow text and work with inline graphics for ePublishers looking to get books out to Kindle and other eReaders. 

Adobe Training Course Locations...

Our Adobe InDesign Training Courses cover the whole of the UK including Midlands, York, Warwick, Oxford, Lincoln, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Sheffield, Buckingham, Cambridge, Lancaster, Wales, East Anglia and most places in between.

Get in touch to find out about Adobe Training availability in your area or click on the links below to find out more about InDesign Courses in your area.

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InDesign Training Courses...