Adobe Captivate Training Course...

Captivate Training Course...

This course will show you how to design and develop eLearning projects, large and small. The Captivate Courses are run onsite at your premises and or online with a live instructor at times and dates to suit you.

Captivate Training Course...

This Captivate Course will give you the skills needed create, design and develop full elearning projects. You will learn how to record full software simulations in all modes including demo, training, assessment and custom.

You will learn how and when to add interactive elements including video, audio and to interact with Timeline so you can control rich media timings.  Learn to insert quiz questions, add random questions and create Quiz Pools for organising questions into various projects. 

With our tailored Adobe Courses the content choice is your own so you learn exactly what you need too.

Incorporate and work with your old Powerpoint slides, record FMR video, add webcam video, record audio files. 

Captivate Course Content...

This Captivate Course covers the features and techniques needed to produce slick eLearning scenarios.  From the start learn the various recording options needed to correctly size, design and view the project, add rich media including video and audio then work with the options needed to apply your own branding to the project.  Find out how the quizzing feature works, add questions to the quiz manager to produce random questions and share content across different projects.

Import Historic PowerPoint Presentations to Captivate...

Import historic PowerPoint Presentations and on this part of the Captivate Course learn how to import, reuse, redesign and adapt old slides with new content.  By the end of the Captivate Training the tools and functions needed to produce and deliver dynamic rich elearning simulations are covered and delegates leave with their own elearning projects.

Make your eLearning projects pop using rich dynamic media for beautiful strong effect by including video, PiP (web cam instructor), audio and animation to the slides.  Learn now to create your own media files to include in the projects and edit sound and music for extra effect.

Captivate comes with a number of built in widgets that are incorporated into the Captivate Course including 'Certificates' which can be included in Captivate quizzes.  To bring the course to a close the options of connecting to, publishing and monitoring student data are worked through with SCORM and AICC complia LMS (Learning Management Systems) .

Captivate Course Requirements & Delivery...

Apart from using a PC or MAC there are no formal course requirements.  This Captivate Course would suit delegates who are looking to get a firm understanding of the software.

This particular Captivate Training would suit those with little or no experience of using the software and gives a solid grounding in Captivates eLearning features.

Captivate Course Content...

Introduction to Captivate
A Captivate Project (view and discuss)
Workflows in Captivate
Understanding CBT principles
Captivate Demonstration

Captivate Rollovers
Inserting Rollover Captions
Inserting Rollover Slidelets
Inserting Rollover Images
Inserting a Zoom Area

Editing the Captivate Project
Captivate Workspace
Inserting /Manipulating Slides
Various Slide Options
Working with Slides
Text Captions
Mouse /Point Paths /Mouse Properties

CaptivateSkins and Templates
Apply a BMP Playbar to a Project
Apply a Skin to a Project
Edit / Design / Save a Skin
Load Screen
Create a Project Template
Record a New Project based on a Template

Captivate Recording Projects
Recording Window
Demonstration, Assessment, Training, Custom Modes
Resolution & Recording Sizes
Recording Simulations
Exploring Recording Simulations Mode
Customising Recording Option
Panning Options
Audio Options

Captivate Quiz Slides
Inserting Quiz Slides
Editing Quiz Slides
Multiple Choice Slides
False /True Slides
Editing Question Slides
Reporting Options
Track Quiz Scores

Captivate Timeline
Understanding Timelines
Timeline Layers
Multiple Layers
Adjusting Slide Timings
Recording Head /FPS
Adjusting Timeline
Attaching Actions to Timeline

Captivate Image & Sound
Attaching Sound to Objects, Slides, Projects
Inserting Video
Working with Video
Adding TOC's
Adding PiP (Webcam) onto TOC
Movie Properties

Captivate Animation
Frame Rates
Change Project Frame Rates
Add Animation to a Slide
Adjust Animation Slide Position
Insert /Edit Text Animation

Captivate Menu Builder
Create Menu Builder Projects
Publish Captivate Projects
Format Styles
Edit Projects

Publishing Captivate Projects
Publish Captivate
Captivate Options

We also run other eLearning Training including the Articulate Training Course and Adobe Presenter Training.  Please get in touch to find out how we can help we can adopt eLearning Courses for you.

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Captivate Training...

Captivate Training Course Content...

Adobe Captivate Course Testimonials...

You Said!

We have really enjoyed the Captivate sessions which Curve and Learn facilitated.

The trainer, was always willing to answer questions and explained the functionality of the system very well.  We could apply this to how we currently utilise Captivate to produce our own elearning system with this learnt added functionality .

P. Yates
IT Training Manager
University Hospitals, Coventry and Warwickshire
West Midlands

Really informative Captivate Training Session, the trainer really knows her stuff!

Many thanks

James Randall
Senior eLearning Developer
University Hospitals, Coventry and Warwickshire

You Said!

All geeked out today! Trained on Captivate Training Resource software and LOVED IT!

Great session..

Emma Wallace,

Captivate Training...

On this Captivate Course learn how to work with:

Different Recording Modes...

Add Effects, Buttons, Rollovers etc

Insert Video & Rich Media...

Apply Your Branding to Captivate...

Work with Playbar & Skins...

Import & Adapt PowerPoint Slides...

Publish to HTML 5...

Add & Position PiP into Captivate Projects...

Use & Customise Interactions...

Add Quizzes, Questions...

Work with Quiz Management...

Create Navigation...

Create Table of Contents...

Apply Your Branding to TOC's...

Publish to LMS...

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