QuarkXpress Training Courses...

QuarkXpress Training Courses...

With our Quark Courses learn the skills needed to create, edit and produce high impact documentation for tenders, reports, brochures and layouts.  Quark Training can be run from our venue in Nottingham or onsite at your premises for individuals and closed company courses.

Introduction to QuarkXpress Course...

 This is well rounded course and shows the beginner how to create, design and edit page layout from scratch, work with typography to create sleek type, produce rich images to design a range of documents including flyers, magazines, newsletters, leaflets and prepare the project for print.  

Advanced QuarkXpress Training Course...

The Advanced QuarkXpress Course covers the functions needed to produce large documents, books etc using Table of Contents, Indexing and Cross Refs.   The course also shows how to use the powerful image editing tools in QuarkXpress and deals with the more complex runarounds required in larger documents.

QuarkXpress Training Info...

The Quark Course can be run on either MAC or PC and are delivered onsite at your convenience.  Most of the QuarkXpress Training is run over one to two days. 

QuarkXpress Digital Training Courses...

We run specialised Quark Courses focusing on digital publishing which teach you how to design eBooks for Kindle and other eReader formats.  Our Digital Design for ePub & eBook Course shows how text reflow works, reflow tagging, inline graphics and the potential problems with ePublishing.

Design for digital using Quark Studio and learn to produce slick HTML 5 rich digital apps for iPads and various digital devices. 

QuarkXpress Introduction Course Overview... 

QuarkXpress Introduction
New Document /Document Setup
Setup Options
Grids /Guides
Pasteboard and Document

QuarkXpress Graphics
Inserting Graphics
Editing Graphics
Resizing Graphics
Picture Usage
Working with Multiple Graphics

QuarkXpress Colour
Applying Colour to Stokes /Fills /Text
Process /Spot /Gradient Colours
RGB & CMYK Modes
Colour Tints

QuarkXpress Type
Character /Paragraph Styles
Style Sheets
Type Layout /Tracking, Kerning,Optical Margins

QuarkXpress Drawing
Pen Tool
Pen Tool Options
Pen Tool Tips & Tricks
Simple & Complex Objects
Merge Command

QuarkXpress Text
Text Entry & Formatting
Importing & Positioning Text
Text Linking
Text Flow
Text to Box /Text on a Path

QuarkXpress Text Meets Graphics
Text Offset
Working with Runaround & Different Graphics
Understanding Image Options
Text Round All sides

QuarkXpress Advanced Text and Graphics
Clipping Paths
Creating /Importing Clipping Paths
Alpha Channels
Importing Alpha Channels
Applying /Editing Runaround & Clipping Path

QuarkXpress Layers
Creating & Editing Layers
Reshuffling Layers
Layer Order

QuarkXpress Tables
Creating & Editing Tables
Working with Text & Images in Tables
Manipulating Table Content

QuarkXpress Precision
Space and Align
Accurate Positioning to one-thousandth of a box
Locking Position 

QuarkXpress Output
Collect for Output
Print Preparation for Bureau
Print to .PDF
Digital Print Considerations

QuarkXpress Advanced Training...

This Quark Advanced course is ideal for those working long documents on a day to day basis including Publishers, Academic Staff and Report Generator's.  Because of its complexity we would advise that anyone attending should have a basic knowledge of the software. 

This Advanced course can be run after the QuarkXpress Introduction Course.  Please get in touch for an informal chat about mixing and matching content to create a completely bespoke course.

QuarkXpress Advanced Course Content... 

Quark Course Direction
Creating a Long Document
Working with Long Documents
Pro's and Con's of Long Document Handling
Defining the Quark workflow

Quark Image Settings
Creating and Working with Clipping Paths
Working with Imported Clipping Paths
Images Runarounds
Editing Images in QuarkXpress

Quark Master Pages
Setting up Master Pages
Editing Master Pages
Controlling Page Numbering for Long Documents
Controlling Sections in Long Documents
Working with Multiple Masters
Practicalities of Master Pages

Quark Conditional Styles
Create a Conditional Style
Apply a Conditional Style
Combine Several Rules in a Conditional
Repeat Conditional Styles Automatically
Apply Conditional Styles at Paragraph & Story Level
Conditional Styles Conventions

Quark Text Flow
Working with various Text Sources
Working with Text Flow
Controlling Text Flow across Multiple Pages
Working with Linkster
Using Linkster

Quark Styles
Create and Edit Paragraph and Character Styles
Using Styles in the Workflow
Mapping Styles across Multiple Documents
Appending Stylesheets
Stylesheet Options

Quark Book 
Creating and Working With Book Panel
Synchronising with Book Panel
Adding /Deleting Chapters from Book Panel
Tables of Contents across Multiple Chapters

Quark Advanced Typography
Automatic, Incremental and Absolute Leading
Baseline Grid
Widows & Orphans, H&J's
Kerning and Tracking

Quark Training...


Our Quark Training Courses show you how to...

Produce strong marketing materials...

Design high impact flyers, brochures, flyers...

Work with colour...

Paragraph /Character Stylesheets...


Baseline Grids

Use precise layout techniques...

Publish to Print or Digital...

Quark Course Locations...

We provide Quark Training in most locations including the following...

Midlands, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham

Yorkshire, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Bradford, Burnley, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Doncaster

Cambridge, London,

Oxford and Oxfordshire, Banbury, Didcot, Milton Keynes

Manchester and NorthWest, Lancashire