Articulate 360 Training Courses...

Articulate 360 Training...

Onsite Articulate 360 training across the UK including all major towns and cities.  This Articulate course is ideal for both individuals and companies looking to hit the ground with elearning software development.  Go beyond the fundamentals and create, design and develop interactive elearning courses for multiple devices including web and mobiles. By the end of the Articulate course delegates will understand how to work with interactive design and develop effective, professional eLearning content to publish rich, professional elearning projects and software simulations.  

Articulate 360 Training...

On this Introduction to Articulate 360 course you will learn how to work in the elearning environment, its features, tools and techniques will become clear. This Articulate Training then shows how to incorporate rich media such as video and audio, work with questions and quizzes and finally how to publish the project to multiple devices.

Articulate Introduction Training Pricing...

First person per day £300.00 all inc
Subsequent persons per day £75.00 all inc

Mobile Classroom Solutions...

We can supply laptops and kit for the training

Laptops £25.00 per day per computer
Projector £35.00 per day
*T&C's apply

Articulate 360 Training Course Content...

Introduction to Articulate 360 Environment...
Understanding the eLearning process
Why eLearning?
Stories, Scenes, Pages
Views /Story /Slide
Opening /Viewing /Editing an existing project

Articulate & Media...
Adding / Editing Video
Adding / Working with Audio
Working with Web Objects
Inserting Flash

Working with New Projects...
Projects from:
Blank /Quizmaker /PowerPoint /
Sizing / Setting & Changing

Handling Graphics in Articulate...
Adding Images
Working with Shapes /Captions
Working with Articulate Characters.

Working with Scenes, Slides and Themes...
What is a Scene?
New Slides
Slide Management
Theme Slides /Transistion Slides / Slide Notes
Slide Transitions / Masters / Notes / Navigation
Slide Properties

Working with Objects...
Managing Objects
Working with /Selecting Colours
Object Formatting
Object Timing 
Object Animation
Timeline /Playhead /Cue Points /Triggers

Articulate Text Boxes...
Adding /Editing Text Boxes
Understanding Data Entry Boxes
Setting Text Boxes...
Formatting Text & Text Boxes
Text / Numerical Entry Boxes & References

Object Practicalities...
Object Sizing /Rotation /Moving
Object Alignment
Object Layer Order
Object & Path Orientation
Object Trigger Options

Quizzing & Questions...
Inserting /Editing Questions
Working with /Understanding Question Types
Question Content
Question Options / Results
Working with Quizzes
Question Banks
Scores /Branching /Feedback
Random Branching Scenario
Freeform Questions /Drag & Drop /Pick One/ Many

Building Interactive Content...
Working with Triggers
Built-in Action States
Interaction Types
Click Triggers 
States Panel
Trigger Wizard
Adding /Editing /Removing Action Triggers
Drag & Drop Interaction
Buttons /Markers /Hotspots /Links

Articulate 360 Recording...
Recording Preparation
Step by Step Slides
Video Mode
Recording a Screencast
Insert Screencast's into Courses
Interactive Software Simulations
Playback / Try and Test

Articulate & eLearning Publishing...
Publishing Preparation & Process
Publish Format Options explained
Publish to Browser /CD /LMS
Articulate Online
Understanding & Publishing to Mobiles
Protecting Published File
Articulate Publishing Options
Learner Results & Report Generation

Articulate Storyline 360 Training is run onsite across the UK including Oxford, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Cheltenham, Oxford, Cambridge

Articulate & eLearning...

Aticulate 360 Training...

Articulate Course Content...

On this Articulate Training you will learn...

To create, manage and publishing interactive eLearning projects...

Create, edit Triggers...

Work with characters, change expression and pose...

Work with Rich Media, video, audio and animations to create interesting content...

Create and design quizzes and question slides...

Publish to Browser, CD & Mobile Devices...

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