QuarkXpress Training

31 May 2014

QuarkXpress dead?

Judging by the amount of Quark Training we've been delivering recently we'd have to say that's a bit of a sweeping statement and a definite no.  During May we've delivered more Quark Courses than over the whole of the last six months. The courses have been held in Birmingham, Coventry and Leeds and May has seen us travel to London twice.

So what courses have been delivered? - We've done Introduction and Advanced Quark training but also more specialised requests including a requirement for producing professional looking typography using different typefaces and the grids in Quark.   The Quark Workshop spent time focusing on grids, guides and rows and columns for precise positioning working closely with Quarks baseline grid or as it's now known 'Design Grid'.  

What is a design grid in Quark?

In essence it's an extension of the much loved Baseline Grid feature found in earlier versions of Quark.  Back then you could only use one baseline grid per layout but Quarks new design grid lets you work with a variety of different sized grids for multiple masters and text boxes throughout the document. With Design Grid active text can be visually aligned to grid and locked in place plus you can use snap to for accurate placement.

A great feature is the 'Grid Styles' which let you work and combine them with Style Sheets - grids can be linked so any style changes are immediately reflected by grid change.

Typography and Baselines...

Loosely described a baseline is an invisible line where all type sits.  Descenders found in characters such as 'g' drop below and ascenders such as t rise above using baseline measurements such as x-height, title case and leading which the Quark Bespoke Training covered.  See QuarkXpress Grids and Guidance -

So if you want beautiful accurately position type then grids are the way to go -

Image Grids in QuarkXpress...

Another feature covered during the day was the Image Grid, another nifty little feature that lets you specify and size up the amount of rows and columns needed to accurately position multiple images for catalogues and so forth. You can also 'Add Picture Info' checkboxes to provide name captions including dimensions, format, resolution and so forth.  Quarks Image Grid feature is great for working with documents that need lots of exactly positioned images.

QuarkXpress Training Courses...

Our QuarkXpress Training Courses are as unique as our clients - we are happy to run standard courses as per our Quark Course Outlines or get involved in totally bespoke Quark Training.  

Quark Training in June...

Oh and the trend continues into June.  We're delivering Quark Introduction Training in Leeds, a QuarkXpress Tailored in Oxford and Quark Design Techniques in Birmingham again.

We also run QuarkXpress Studio Courses for eBooks and ePublishing