Introduction to Photoshop Elements Training...

Hello and welcome to our Photoshop Elements Training Course...

An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements Course designed to get those beginning their creative journey up to speed with the software quickly and easily. Held onsite on your premises or as a virtual classroom online. The course is for delegates wanting to use the software for business or personal use.

The Photoshop Elements Course is available onsite at your premises for company groups and individual sessions at your convenience.

Online Photoshop Elements Training - Virtual Classrooms...

The online Photoshop Elements Training Courses are run as virtual online classrooms delivering identical content to the onsite ones. These are virtual interactive sessions where you have constant live contact with your trainer via screen sharing and chat.

As with our onsite Photoshop Elements Courses the training is delivered via screen demonstration, discussion and hands on practice.

We run all the Adobe Training Courses in the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom,Teams, WebEx and Google.

Because of the flexible nature of Online Photoshop Elements Training as well as days this course is available on a 24 /7 basis including weekends.

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Photoshop Elements Course Overview...

Using demonstrations and hands on exercises this Photoshop Elements Course will show you how to work with the softwares tools and features to enhance, repair and retouch your images.

Find out how to make accurate selections, retouch and repair photographs and understand how to use layers in your workflow. 

The course also gives the skills to design and enhance artwork intended for social media including banners, posts and carousels. Add overlays to artwork to create motion effects then export out as MP4 for social media channels.

Introduction to Photoshop Elements Course Content... 

Meeting Photoshop Elements
Tools Panel
Panels Overview
Window Menu
Help Menu
Working with Views

Photoshop Elements Dramatic Effects
Turn Photos into Artwork
Work with Overlays for Motion
Export Overlay Images as MP4
Work with Animated Slideshows 

Photoshop Elements Colour
Colour Panel
CMYK /RGB - Elements Limitations & Solution
Paint Bucket
Colour Variants
Introduction to Levels & Curves
Hue & Saturation

Photoshop Elements Transformations
Transforming an Object
Rotating an Objects
Resizing & Reshaping an Object 
Straightening & Distorting Objects 
Positioning Objects
Understanding & Working with Transform

Photoshop Elements Tools
Background / Eraser /Magic Eraser
Adding /Editing /Deleting Brushes
Window Menu

Photoshop Elements Selections
Select Subject
Select and Mask
Marquee, Lasson & Magic Wand

Adding to /Expanding Selections
Quick Fix

Photoshop Elements Layers
Layer Principles
Creating Layers
Editing /Duplicating /Deleting Layers
Adjusting Layers
Hiding /Showing Layers
Layer Masks

Photoshop Elements Cloning
Clone & Healing Brushes
Remove Unwanted Areas
Replace Damaged Areas
Repair Red Eye
Quick Fix
Photoshop Elements Images
Importing Images
Exporting Images
File Formats
Combining Images
Best Practice Images
Image File Formats
Photoshop Elements to Print
Print Options 
Understanding Print Options
Print to Bureau Options

Output to Internet
Print to .PDF

Adobe Photoshop Elements Training Courses are run onsite at your offices across Bedfordshire including Bedford, Dunstable, Luton and Flitwick.

Photoshop Elements Course...

On this Elements course learn to:

Create Images from Scratch...

Learn to resize images...

Understand Image Resolution...

Position Images Correctly...

Photos to Paintings...

Overlays for Motion Effects...

Create MP4's for Social Media...

Create Compostions...

Photoshop Element Effects...

Learn how Layers really work...

Photoshop Elements Tools...

Create Social Media Images...

We also run Photoshop Courses...

The Photoshop Courses run at all levels from Beginners through to Advanced. 

We specialise in Bespoke Training and Photoshop Workshops.

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