Intermediate Illustrator Training...

Illustrator Intermediate Training...

This is for those who want to push their artwork skills above the bar, the Intermediate Illustrator Course builds on current skills. It delves deeper into the the path tools by showing how to create more complex and professional artwork.  Work with Illustrators guides and grids for precise and accurate placement of both text and graphics.  You learn how to work with 3D, recolour, shading and during the day will design info graphics and a variety of artwork using outlines, block text and masked graphics. This Illustrator Training is flexible and images can be substituted for your own 

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course Prequistes...

This Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course is suitable for those with prior experience of the software either from the workplace or from attending our Illustrator Introduction Course.  The Illustrator Training can be run on a one to one basis or for small company groups.

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Course Content...

Advanced Paths
Work in depth with Pen Tool
Create Complex and Custom Shapes
Work with Path Modification
Accurate Path Drawing
Pen Options
Additional Pen Tools
Work with Pathfinder
Create Images using Compound Paths

In this module you draw a piece of artwork ie
a shoe, bag, clothing using Pen

Advanced Fills
Create Textures, Patterns and Fills
Define and Design Patterns
Use Pattern maker
Create Flawless Repeats and Seamless Patterns
Create Organic Flowing Textures
Create Dramatic Graphic Fills
Envelope Warp
Blend Tool

In this module use texture, fill and patterns to fill in existing pieces of art

Accurate Positioning
Smart Guides
Work with Smart Guides for Precise Positioning
Use the Select and Direct Selection Tools
Transform Palette
Work with Illustrator Grids

Learn to create a 3D cube using the above positioning and shape tools

Colours and Shades
Create Gradients
Use Gradients for Light and Shade
Work with Gradient Mesh
Sample and Modify Colours
Work with Colour Themes

In this module you will colour and shade a piece of manga artwork

Type and Typography
Create Outlines
Edit Outlines using Path Tools
Work with Character & Paragraph Styles
Work with Text on a Path
Text on a Path Options
Area Type Tool
Warp Tool

In this module you design your own unique logo

Create and Design New Brush Tips
Work with Art, Calligraphic, Pattern Brushes
Work with Jitter, Spacing, Sizing etc Options
Fit to Path and Along Stoke Options
Apply Artwork to Brushes
Use the Brush Panel
Save and Load Brush Panels

You will create a variety of organic brushes including floral, plastic, wet media and grunge

Graphics and Text
Import Graphics
Create Masks
Work with Area Text
Create Various Text Wraps

This module shows how to create a
professional and informative infographic

Illustrator Output
Prepare Artwork
Printers Marks
Export Command
Save for Web

Prepare one of the above pieces of work for print output.

Illustrator Intermediate Course Prices...

First Delegate £275.00 All Inc per Day
Subsequent Delegates £75.00 All Inc per Day 

Our Illustrator Courses can be run in most versions including Illustrator 7, Illustrator 8, Illustrator CS and Illustrator CC.  It can be combined with other Adobe Course content including Photoshop for full digital design solutions.

Illustrator Training Courses...

Intermediate Illustrator Training...

On this Illustrator Course you will learn...

Pen Tool...

Shading & Colourising...

Create Fills, Textures, Patterns...

Positioning, Guides, Grids...

Create New Brushes...

Type & Typography...