Illustrator CS6 Fundamentals New Features Course

Illustrator CS6 Fundamentals New Features Course...

This Illustrator CS6 Fundamentals New Features Course introduces many of Illustrator's tools and panels and shows how to use them to create and edit stunning  vector artwork.

Illustrator CS6 Training Locations...

We deliver Illustrator Training onsite at your office or home and cover a wide area ncluding Lincoln, Skegness, Boston, Cambridge, Rutland, Uffingham and just about everywhere else in the UK

This Illustrator CS6 Fundamentals Course would suit users quite new to Illustrator and Illustration Courses.  However it does cover many of Ilustrators New Features including Image Trace and the New Pattern Tool and can be tailored towards more experienced users by including specific advanced content.

Illustrator CS6 Fundamentals Course Content...

Illustrators New Interface
Customising Illustrator
Vector / Bitmap Imagery
Panels / Multiple Artboards
Transform Tools including Free Transform
Preferences / Customising Preferences

Draw with Illustrator CS6
Learn & Work with Pen & Path Tools
Create Curved & Straight Lined Paths
Split Paths
Work with Anchor Points
Work with the Blob Brush

Pattern Tool
Creating Patterns from Scratch
Pattern Editing Mode
Expressive Features
Seamless Patterns
Repeating Patterns
Pattern Option Tools
Applying Patterns

Image Trace
Image Trace
Image Trace Features
Image Trace Photo High Fidelity
Image Trace Line Art
Using Built-in Tracing Options
Advanced Tracing Options
Pixels & Paths

Modifications & Special Effects
Transformations including blending shapes and The Gradient Mesh tool
Pathfinder panel and compound paths
Use Shape Builder tool
Effects, graphic styles and masks
The Flare and Distort tools

3D Special Effects & Perspective Grids
Extrude & Bevel
Create 3D Shapes from Flat Artwork
Perspective Grid & Widget
Create 3D Builds using Perspective Grids

Applying & Working with Gradient Stroke
Working with Gradients on Spines & Paths

Panel Updates
Scale Strokes & Effects
Understand Stoke Curvature

Prices for Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals training - our price is per course per day
(the more persons on the course the more you benefit) ALL PRICES INC VAT

Standard rate for one person is £300 inc VAT
Any additional persons £50.00 inc VAT
We are Midlands based so depending on your location in the UK travel expenses for the Illustrator Fundamentals Course training may be incurred.
The above price includes 6 months post course support. We like to build rapport with our clients so any Illustrator course support would held direct with the Illustrator trainer who delivered the course/s. It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our online training tips, tricks & tutorials section.

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Training Courses are held across Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leicestershire,