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Prezi Course...

Curve and Learn provide Prezi Training Courses across Derby and Derbyshire showing you how to produce non linear eye popping presentations using Prezi's unique panning and zooming techniques.  Prezi Training is held onsite on your premises and delivered on a one to one basis or for closed company courses.

Prezi Training Course Duration...

Depending on the amount of delegates Prezi Training can take up to one day and this course take you from the basics through to Master Presenter in that time.  The course time can vary according to content and the amount of delegates on the course.

Prezi Course Content...

Our Prezi Courses show you how to produce professional and beautiful looking presentations for multiple platforms including iPads.  We can work with your content on the course and develop a presentation structure on the day.

Prezi Canvas
Working with Non Linear Layouts
Navigating the Prezi Workspace
Understand Prezi Design

Prezi Themes
Working with Prezi Themes
Adapting Prezi Themes
Extreme Customisation of Prezi Themes

Prezi Text & Format
Add & Edit Text
Add & Edit Hyperlinks
Format Options

Prezi Images
Import Images
Work with Images
Image Considerations

Prezi & Multi Media
Working with Video
Inserting Video
Video Options
Converting Video

Prezi Shapes & Frames
Working with Frames
Zooming with Frame Content
Using the Canvas Content
Understanding Frame Interaction

Prezi & External Files
Work with PowerPoint Files
Insert PDF
Insert Excel 

Prezi Presenting
Prepare the Canvas for Present
Hot Tips & Tricks for Live Presenter
Download, embed & show the Prezi

Prezi Vision
Working with Prezi on mobile devices
iPad App
Locate and use video & imagery for the Prezi

Prezi Collabortors
Use Prezi Meeting
Add Users to the Prezi
Work with Prezi Account Management

Prezi Practicalities
Set up Projector
Auto Play Prezi Presentation

Prezi Publishing Publishing
Embedding Prezi's on Websites & Blogs


Prezi Courses Prices

Standard Rate for 1 Person is £275.00 ALL INC
Each Additional Person is Charged at £75.00 ALL INC per day
This includes 6 Months post Prezi Course Support from the Prezi Trainer who delivered the Course.

We can provide laptop hire at £25.00 per day each - 

We deliver onsite Prezi Training Courses across Derby and Derbyshire from Swadlincote up to New Mills, Chesterfield, Matlock, Buxton. 

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Prezi Course Content...

On this course learn how to:

Produce Prezi Presentations from scratch...

Control Pan & Zoom featres...

Import YouTube Video...

Work with diagrams...

Create & Edit Path...

Work with Frames...

Add Audio to Paths...

Customise Themes...

Import Branding...

Import PowerPoint Slides...

Exporting & Saving Options...

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