Adobe Photoshop Introduction Course in Buckinghamshire...

Photoshop Introduction Course Locations...

Our Photoshop Introduction Course is delivered onsite in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire including Tewkesbury, Bichester, Ayelesbury, Banbury, Oxford and just about every other location across the UK.

Photoshop Introduction Course Overview...

This Photoshop Introduction Course gives you the skills needed to produce high quality images for either print or the web.  This is an Introduction to Photoshop Course and assumes you have little or no knowledge of the application.  It shows you how to work with the softwares tools, panels & features but with an emphasis on image repair and retouching.   

Because part of the Photoshop Introduction Course is dedicated to face and body retouching we find delegates enjoy bringing in their own photographs to work with on the course.  These can then be used throughout the rest of the course to work with opacity, masks and collage's.

Our Photoshop Courses are bought directly to you onsite and if required we can also supply laptops with all software preloaded for the course.  Please mention this at the time of booking.  We can, if you require organise training suites in areas convenient to your location.

Photoshop Introduction Course Content... 

Meeting Photoshop
Photoshop Interface

Control Bar
Photoshop Panels
Photoshop Techniques

Photoshop Repair & Replace Parts of Images
Clone Tool (remove or replace part/s of an image
Healing Brush (fix damages to part or whole of image)
Red Eye (remove red from the pupil)

Photoshop Facial Image Retouching
Colour Range & Replace Colour Feature
Adjusting Skin Tones
Hue, Saturation & Luminance
Changing Eye Colour
Changing Hair Colour
Cropping Image Options
Pencil & Paintbrush
Paintbrush Definition
Customising Brushes
Dodge, Blur, Smudge Tools

Photoshop Body Image Retouching
Use Spot Healing Brush
Use the Clone Tool to Reshape the Body
Work with Dust & Scratches Filter
Use Liquify to Reshape the Human Body
Liquify & Liquify Tool Options
Pucker & Bloat
Working with & Understanding Brush Pressures
Sharpen & Blur Focus
Warp & Puppet Warp Tools

Photoshop Precise Positioning
Grids / Guides / Rulers
Print v Pixel
Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
Rotation and Crop

Photoshop Layers
Understanding Layers
Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
Merging & Flattening Layers
Layer Palette

Photoshop Selection & Selection Techniques
Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand,
Feathering Selections
Expanding / Reducing Selections
Modifying / Transforming Selections
Quick Masks
Save / Load a Selection

Photoshop Automation
Creating a Web Gallery
Contact Sheets
Batch Processing
Photoshop Merge & Panoramics
Blending Panoramas
Editing Panoramas

Photoshop Masks
Quick Masks
Quick Mask Mode
Creating Accurate Masks
Adding to & Removing from a Mask

Photoshop Roundtripping
Placing Photoshop files in DTP software
Editing Photoshop Files
Save / Load a Selection

Photoshop Type
Creating Type
Editing Type
Type Masks
Type & FX Effects
Shaping Type
Type & Good Design

Photoshop Colour
Colour Palettes

Colour Models, CMYK, RGB, LAB
Gradients, creating & editing
Mixing & matching Colour
Pantones & Spot Colours
Colour Profiles

Prices for Adobe Photoshop training - our price is per course per day
(the more persons on the course the more you benefit) ALL PRICES INC VAT

Standard rate for one person is £275.00 All INC
All subsequent persons £50.00 ALL INC per person per day
We are Midlands based so depending on your location in the UK travel expenses for the Photoshop Introduction Course training may be incurred.
The above price includes 6 months post course support. We like to build rapport with our clients so any Photoshop course support would held direct with the Photoshop trainer who delivered the course/s. It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our online training tips, tricks & tutorials section.
Photoshop Introduction Course Locations
Photoshop Introduction Courses are run Tewkesbury, Bichester, Ayelesbury, Banbury, Oxford and just about every else across the South including Northants & Bucks.  
Get in touch to find out about Photoshop Introduction Courses in your area.

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