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This Photoshop for Photographers Course is designed for and around photographers. It covers all the aspects of Photoshop that photographers may need to know from initially uploading their images up to working with Photoshop.

Please note this Photoshop Course is designed for those photographers totally new to Photoshop. Although we do touch on RAW and other techniques in this course if you want to in-depth training on specific techniques such as bracketing, RAW, blend if or HDR please mention at time of booking and we will include these for you.

This Photoshop for Photographers Course is held onsite at your premises and is ideal for one to one sessions or small groups. We also run online Photoshop Courses in Zoom, Teams or Webex. This course can be run in all versions of Photoshop up to the most recent.

Although this Photoshop Course is designed specifically for photographers it can also be combined with other Photoshop Courses for business professionals looking to give their company image a more professional edge.

Photoshop Course for Photographers...

This Photoshop Course for Photographers is scheduled to run for one day.

Photoshop Course Content...

Photoshop Digital Workflow using Bridge
Use Adobe Bridge for photo shoots
Adobe Bridge Stacks
Filter Images
Meta Data

Photoshop Layers
Adjustment Layers
Adjustment Layer Masks, Creating & Editing Graduating Colour Effects
Manipulating Adjustment

Photoshop Adjustment Layers
None Destructive Workflow
Levels Adjustment Layers
Colour Correction Adjustment Layers
Histogram Adjustment Layer
Curves Adjustment Layer
Exposure Correction

Photoshop Image Repair & Retouch
Clone Stamp Tool
Healing Brush /Spot Healing Brushe
Content Aware Repair
Patch Tool
Dodge & Burn Tools
Sharpen /Smart Sharpen

Photoshop and Selections
Lasso Tools
Quick Select /Select Subject /Select Background /Select Hair
Select & Mask
Magic Wand /Tolerance

Photoshop Masking & Brushes
Use /Edit /Resize Brushes for Masks
Soft /Hard Brushes for Masks
Opacity Options
Create a Quick Mask
Quick Mask Options /Select Masked Areas
Add /Remove to Mask using Brushes
Edit Masks
Save /Load Selections

Photoshop Pen & Paths Panel
The Pen Tool
Drawing with the Pen Tool
The Curvature Pen
Tips & Tricks for working with Pen
Path Panel /Change to Selection
Path Panel /Apply to Stroke & Fill

Photoshop - working RAW
Photoshop RAW Module
RAW Setting in-camera
Basics of RAW Editing
RAW Files /Image Data
Develop Tab in RAW
Tone & Colour /Camera Profile
Exposure /Highlights /Shadows etc

Photoshop Export /Print
Print for Professional Printer
Accurate Colour
Digital Galleries
Export for Digital
File Formats

Photoshop Blur Filter Techniques
Lens Correction Filter 
Tilt and Iris Blur
Smart Filter Layers
Image Sharpening Techniques

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