Onsite Photoshop Training in Bedford...

Photoshop Training...

Run onsite in Bedfordshire this Photoshop Training Course show how to make accurate, sharp selections and cututs, understand layers and work with retouching tools.  Using basic tools it shows the techniques used by designers to retouch and enhance graphic art for both print and Web destinations.  The training can be held across Beds including Bedford, Biggleswade, Flitwick, Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable and surrounding areas.

Photoshop Training Prices...

Prices per course, per day for onsite training.
First person £275.00 All Inc
Second & Subsequent Persons £75.00 All Inc
Closed Company Groups of 6 or more please contact for quote
Laptop Hire £25.00 All Inc per machine per day

Price includes post course notes and one year post course support

Who is Photoshop Training suitable for?...

This Introduction to Photoshop Course is for those with no knowledge of the software or those with a little exposure and looking to improve their skills.  It is ideal for anybody looking to produce beautiful professional images for company literature or individuals wanting to work in image editing. 

We are happy to discuss individual requirements and can tailor Photoshop training totally around you and your company.  We run a number of Adobe design courses including InDesign and Illustrator and can incorporate these as an overall graphic design training course.

Photoshop Introduction Course in Bedfordshire Masking Techniques with Colour Splash

Colour Spash...

Photoshop Introduction Course...

An image produced on one of the Photoshop Intro Courses.  The image had a mask applied then a black and white adjustment layer was used to achieve colour splash...

Photoshop Introduction Course Overview...

Photoshop Introduction Photoshop Repairing and Replacing Images

Photoshop Interface
Control Bar
Photoshop Panels
Photoshop Techniques

Clone Tool (remove or replace part/s of an image
Healing Brush (fix damages to part or whole of image)
Red Eye (remove the red from the pupil

Photoshop Precise Positioning Photoshop Layers

Grids / Guides / Rulers
Print v Pixel
Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
Rotation and Crop

Understanding Layers
Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
Merging & Flattening Layers
Layer Palette

Photoshop Design Photoshop Adjustment Panels

Converting to Black and White
Tinting Images
Adding Textures and Edge Effects
Drop Shadows and Blending
Black and White Conversions

Adjustment Panel for live Working /None /Destructive
Image Adjustment
Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Hue and Saturation
Colour Balance
Shadows, Highlights, Midtones

Levels and Curves

Photoshop Selection & Selection Techniques Photoshop Automation

Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand,
Feathering Selections
Expanding / Reducing Selections
Modifying / Transforming Selections
Quick Masks
Save / Load a Selection

Creating a Web Gallery
Contact Sheets
Batch Processing
Photoshop Merge & Panoramics
Blending Panoramas
Editing Panoramas

Photoshop Masking Photoshop Roundtripping

Quick Masks
Quick Mask Mode
Creating Accurate Masks
Adding to & Removing from a Mask

Placing Photoshop files in DTP software
Editing Photoshop Files
Save / Load a Selection

Photoshop Type Photoshop Colour

Creating Type
Editing Type
Type Masks
Type & FX Effects
Shaping Type
Type & Good Design

Colour Palettes
Colour Models, CMYK, RGB, LAB
Gradients, creating & editing
Mixing & matching Colour
Pantones & Spot Colours
Colour Profiles

We also run Adobe InDesign Training, Adobe Illustrator Training, Adobe Acrobat Training, Adobe Fireworks Training and can combine any one of these with your Photoshop Training.  We also provide full onsite training kit including laptops, projectors etc for closed company courses.  

Get in touch with us to discuss pricing.

Our onsite Adobe Training can be organised across the UK from the South West in Cornwall up to the North.  We can organise both training dates and times to suit your busy schedule so the course is totally flexible and organically designed around you.  It can be provided on a one to one basis or as a closed company groupl

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Photoshop Training...

Photoshop Introduction Course...

On this Photoshop Intro Course...

You learn to...

Create Accurate Cutouts...

Use and work with Selections...

Retouch Images...

Work with Healing Tools to...
(remove red eye, remove blemishes, remove image imperfections, improve imagery)

Work with and understand Layers...

Colour Palettes...

None Destructive Workflow...

Masks and Masking Techniques..

Work with Type...

Produce Print ready Images...

New Photography Filters...

Photoshop Training Feedback...

You Said...

Photoshop & Photoshop Elements Course...

Relaxed, enjoyable & friendly this course was very helpful. It was great to use our own images and great to do the course onsite.
Helen Allison
Marketing Manager
Black Sheep Brewery

Fun and highly informative day, a really good hands on approach. I really enjoyed it and leant loads. Informative and lovely learning environment I would definitely highly recommend.
Louise Guy
Black Sheep Brewery
Photoshop & Photoshop Elements Course

You say...

This was fantastic, highly engaging. We have had Photoshop training before but the trainer blew it out of the water.

E-commerce/Marketing Dept - Doc Martens

You Said...

Photoshop Bespoke...

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Learned so much about the Photoshop functions I've always wondered about.  Absolutely wonderful working with you!  Fab day!


Thanks for a fab training day - I feel I've gone from novice to expert in a short space of time.

Nicola, Marketing Team
Mansfield Palace Theatre, Mansfield Notts

Photoshop Course...

We run Photoshop Workshops...

Organise Bespoke Photoshop Training..