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Photoshop Training Course...

We specialise in onsite Photoshop Training across Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds including Gloucester, Cheltenham and surrounding towns.  The Photoshop Courses can be run with our set overviews or can be customised to suit you.  These can be delivered on all software versions up to Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and are ideal for either private individuals or company courses.

The Introduction Photoshop Course overview introduces those with little or no experience to the tools and techniques used in Photoshop image editing to produce clear sharp graphics either for Web or Print. It is ideal for those looking to start their image editing journey from scratch or those wishing to learn to the software for specific work or projects.

Photoshop Training Rates...

Standard rate for one person is £275.00 All Inc per day
Each subsequent person is £75.00 All Inc per day
Laptop Hire is £25.00 per person per day

Photoshop Training Course Content...

Photoshop Introduction 
Working with the Tools Panel
Using Window / Panels
Image Size / Resolution
Adobe PDF Presets

Photoshop Layers
Creating / Editing Layers
Understanding / Adjusting Layer Structure
Adjustment Layers
Merging, Duplicating, Linking & Flattening Layers

Photoshop Selection Tools
Understanding the Selection Process
Correct Tools to Use
Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso
Magic Wand / Quick Selection
Adding to / Removing From / Manipuating Selections

Photoshop Masks
Creating / Editing / Refining Masks
Working with Opacity & Filters to refine Masks
Saving Masks as Selections / Reloading Masks
Working with Masks & Channels
Alpha Channels

Photoshop Colour Panels & Libraries
Colour Panels (RGB, CMYK, LAB, Greyscale)
Swatches, Adding, Editing, Pantones
Colour Libraries (Photoshop 2015)
Colour Sampling

Photoshop Transformation Tools
Free Transform
Transform >Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, Perspective
Rotation & Flipping
Perspective Warp
Applying, Editing Transformations

Photoshop Crop Tool
Crop Handles /Auto Centering Crop
Setting Crop Dimensions
Preset Aspect Ratio

Photoshop Housekeeping
Working with open Images, Menus & Panels
Window > Arrange
Window > Workspace

Photoshop Text Tools
Work with Text
Create Logos
Add Effects ie. Bevel, Shadow
Character & Paragraph Styles
Implement Styles
Type Mask Tool

Photoshop Camera RAW
Midpoint Sliders
Clarity Adjustment
Adjustment Brush
Camera Calibration 
Previous Edits
Basic Panel Tab

Photoshop Content Aware & Content Patch Tool
Transparent Areas and Merged Images
Patch Tool
Options Bar

Photoshop Clone Stamp
Working with Clone Stamp
Removing unwanted content with Clone Stamp
Repairing damaged imager with Clone Stamp
Duplicating areas using Clone Stamp
Combining Opacity & Flow with Clone Stamp

Photoshop Pen & Paths (Vectors)
Learn to use the Pen
Straight / Curved Lines /Angles
Anchor Points / Adjusting / Manipulating
Add to / Remove / Convert 
Freeform Pen

Photoshop Vector Shapes
Creating /Defining Shapes
Shape Fills & Stokes 
Create Custom Shapes
Apply Style Effects to Shapes
Work with Shape Details

Photoshop Web 
Export As
Save for Web
Layers for Files

Photoshop Print Runs
Colour Consistency
Colour Proofing
Working Images for Print

Onsite Photoshop Training in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds including Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bishops Cleeve, Cirencester, Winchcombe, Slimbridge and Stroud

Photoshop Courses...

Photoshop Courses...

This Photoshop Course will show you how to:

Work with Tools / Panels / Window Menu

Create / Edit / Work with Layer Structures

Use Photoshop Selections Tools

Understand Photoshop Masking Techniques

Photoshop Colour Panels & Libraries

Ensure Images have Consistent Colour

Export to PDF & Web

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