Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Course

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Course...

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Course Locations...

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Training Courses held in Cheshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Rutland, Peak District, Stafford, Northants 

Microsoft Word Trainers come onsite to your premises training suites can be arranged convenient to your location.

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Course Overview...

The Microsoft Word 2013 Introduction Training Course Overview can be viewed below but we specialise in customised Microsoft Training and can mix and match content from other Microsoft Word Training Courses. 

For example you may wish to mix content from the Word Introduction Course with the Word Intermediate Course or bring in parts of the Word Advanced Course.  .    

Microsoft Courses can include content from the PowerPoint Training Course or a Microsoft Publisher Course to design your corporate documentation in-house or produce zingy presentations.  We are happy to discuss your Microsoft Training Course options,

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Course Outline...

Microsoft Word 2013 Tables
Inserting a Table
Working with Table Skeleton
Working with Cells, Rows, Columns
Borders & Shading
New 2013 Border Features
Border Painter
Table Options

Microsoft Word 2013 Sections
Working with Sections & Section Breaks
Setting Page Layout for Section Breaking
Page Orientation in Sections
Different Cover Page
Headers & Footers in Sections
Inserting Page Numbering in Sections
Controlling Sections

External Data in Word 2013
Inserting Excel Data
Linking Excel Data with Word
Working with Excel Charts
Formatting Data
Datasheets in Excel
Copy & Paste Links
Importing Diagrams from PowerPoint
Importing Data from Visio
Microsoft Gantt Charts from Project

Word 2013 Advanced Drawing
Drawing Canvas
Working with AutoShapes
Moving & Resizing
Align & Distribution of Shapes
Drawing Grid
Snap to Grid, Margins, Guidelines Options
Group & UnGroup
Shape Stacks & Grouping
Shape Effects

Working with .PDF in Word 2013
Opening .PDF's in Word
Working with .PDF's
Editing .PDF's
Limitations of .PDF in Word

Columns in Word 2013
Working with Columns
Adjusting Columns
Adjusting Column Gutters
Changing Column Layout

Long Document Handling in Word 2013
Electronic Forms
Creating  & Workng with Bookmarks
Bookmark Cross References
Automating Long Documents
Create Table of Contents
Update Table of Contents
Changing Table of Contents Styles
Working with Page Numbering
Navigating Table of Contents

Word 2013 Electronic Forms
Creating Forms
Adding Content Control
Adding Text Fields
Adding Date Fields
Adding Numeric Fields
Adding Formula Fields
Working with Drop Lists
Working with Check Boxes
Electronic Form Protection

Type & Images in Word 2013
Text & Image Wrap
Advanced Wrapping Techniques
Wrap Options
Design Layout Considerations

Multimedia in Word 2013
Insert Video into Word 2013
Link Video to PowerPoint
Working with Web Video
Embed & Insert YouTube Video

Word 2013 Sharing & Securing Word Content
Share Documents for user collaboration
Control Document Access
Attach Digital Signatures

Word 2013 Print
Print Out Documents
Print Options, Print Setup
Print to .PDF

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate course - onsite per day
All prices INCLUSIVE of VAT
Standard rate for first person is £250.00 ALL INC
All subsequent persons £50.00 ALL INC per person 

The above price includes 6 months post course support.  We like to build rapport with our clients so any Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Course post support would be held directly with the Microsoft Word Trainer who delivered the course/s.  It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our online training tips, tricks & tutorials.

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate Training Courses Cheshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Rutland, Peak District, Stafford, Northants.