Premier Pro Training

Premier Pro Introduction Training Course...

This Introduction to Premier Pro Training Course teaches the main features of the software providing the skills to create, edit and publish video content for either professional or personal use. Our courses are delivered either as online Premierr Pro Training sessions or onsite at your office

.These are private, professional Premier Pro Courses run for individuals or company groups and are perfect for those beginning their video journey or looking to build on basic skills.

Our Premier Pro Courses are usually run in the latest version of Adobe CC but can be delivered in earlier versions. During the course you work with a variety of various assets (media clips, graphics, audio), assemble them in Premier Pro and produce unique video footage for broadcast, social media (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo)

Online Premier Pro Training...

Online Premier Pro Training is delivered via Zoom, Teams and WebEx at times & dates to suit you. Because of its flexibility we can offer training in the evening and at weekends. These are not video based training courses but virtual online classroom based training with a live instructor. You will be constant contact with your trainer throughout your training session.

On our online Premier Pro Courses you will see and hear your trainer and be able to both view their screen and share your own. 

Premier Pro Basics
Working with Premier Pro
Premier Pro Interface
Premier Pro Workspaces
Premier Pro Ribbon
Premier Pro Workflow
Premier Pro Projects

Premier Pro Titles
Adding Text /Text Tool /Essential Graphics Panel
Black & Matt Screens
Working with Essential Graphics Panel
Export as Motion Graphics Template

Premier Pro Media & Projects
Working with Projects
Importing Assets /Media /Media Clips
Media Bin /Working with Exisiting Media
Video Resolutions /Formats /Frame Rates

Premier Pro Timeline
Working with the Timeline
Adding & Editing Media Clips on the Timeline
Moving /Trimming /Deleting Clips
Adding Transistion /Sound & Video
Filter Effects
Video & Audio Speeds

Premier Pro Sequences
Creating Sequences
What are Sequences?
New Sequences Presets & Settings
Sub Sequences v Nested Sequences
Editing Sequences & Clips
Navigating Sequences & Clips

More Premier Pro
Speed Ramping
Editing Clip Speed (Slow Mo /Fast Mo)
Video Sync Locks
Working with the Razor Tool
Splitting Video /Audio Tracks

Premier Pro Colour Grading
Colour Workspace
Differences between Colour Correction & Grading
Colour Correction Master Clips
Basic Correction - Creative Corrections
Basic Correction - Adjustments
Using Basic Colour Correction Tools
Effects Panel >Fuji LUTs >Canon LUTs
Colour Grading Presets
Adjustment Layers

Premier Pro -Lumetri Panel
Lumetri Panel
Lumetri Scopes
White Balance, Tone & Creative
Working in Colour Spaces

Premier Pro > Keyframes
What are Keyframes?
Add /Show /Remove Keyframes
Keyframe and Effects
Effects Control Panel
Ease In /Out (Easy, Ease)

Premier Pro - Audio
Working with Audio
Audio Workspace & Enhancement
Adding Music to Videos
Sound Filters
Exporting Sound
Controlling Audio
Removing Background Noise & Echo
Workng with Dialogue /Music

Premier Pro PIPs - Talking Heads
Recording /Editing PIP
Importing /Exporting PIPs
PIP Transitions
PIP Framing 
Side by Side Split
Track Map

Premier Pro Exporting
Exporting Video for Social Media
Exporting Video to Web
Exporting Video
Output video formats


Premier Pro Training...

Learn to work with Premier Pro...

Premier Pro Basics

Premier Pro Projects

Premier Pro Sequences

Premier Pro Colour Grading & Colour Correction

Premier Pro Talking Heads

Premier Pro Keyframes

Premier Pro Titles

Premier Pro Timeline

Premier Pro - More Pro

Premier Pro Lumetri

Premier Pro Audio

Premier Pro Exporting

video projects.