Photoshop Training in Liverpool...

Adobe Photoshop Training Course...

Adobe Photoshop Training at Introduction level is held onsite across Lancashire including Liverpool, Manchester, Runcorn, The Wirral and surrounding areas.  The trainer comes direct to you to deliver the training and the course is ideal for those completely new to the software or anyone looking for refresher training.  These Photoshop Courses are ideal for both individuals or private company training.  AAll our training courses can be tailored to your specific criteria and content used either from our courses or your company files to create unique Photoshop Courses

Adobe Photoshop Workshops...

We also offer a number of Photoshop Training solutions which include workshops and consultancy to provide faster processes and flows in the workplace.  We can come to your premises and organise Photoshop Workshops iron out any current problems and make suggestions as to streamlining current working practises to save both time and money.

Photoshop Training Information...

On this Introduction to Photoshop learn the basics of size /resolution, contrast and brightness as well as creating and tweaking for accurate selections, understanding layers, basic colour correction, photo editing and retouching using the clone and healing tools.  For those with some previous experience this Photohop Training will build on existing skills and fill in any missing gaps.  The Photoshop training is absolutely ideal for those looking to get professional looking images for either web, print or both

Photoshop Training Pricing...

First person £275.00 per day all inclusive
Subsequent persons £75.00 per day all inclusive
Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred.
*Laptop Hire available individual or as part of our mobile training classroom 
*t&c's apply

Photoshop Introduction Course Overview...

This Photoshop Introduction Course will give you the skills need to produce high quality images for either print or the web.  Our introduction courses take you beyond Photoshop Basics and shows how professional image design works. 

Photoshop Introduction Photoshop Repairing and Replacing Images
Photoshop Interface
Control Bar
Photoshop Panels
Photoshop Techniques

Clone Tool (remove or replace part/s of an image
Healing Brush (fix damages to part or whole of image)
Red Eye (remove the red from the pupil

Photoshop Precise Positioning Photoshop Layers

Grids / Guides / Rulers
Print v Pixel
Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
Rotation and Crop

Understanding Layers
Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
Merging & Flattening Layers
Layer Palette

Photoshop Selection & Selection Techniques Photoshop Automation

Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand,
Feathering Selections
Expanding / Reducing Selections
Modifying / Transforming Selections
Quick Masks
Save / Load a Selection

Creating a Web Gallery
Contact Sheets
Batch Processing
Photoshop Merge & Panoramics
Blending Panoramas
Editing Panoramas

Photoshop Masking Photoshop Roundtripping

Quick Masks
Quick Mask Mode
Creating Accurate Masks
Adding to & Removing from a Mask

Placing Photoshop files in DTP software
Editing Photoshop Files
Save / Load a Selection

Photoshop Type Photoshop Colour

Creating Type
Editing Type
Type Masks
Type & FX Effects
Shaping Type
Type & Good Design

Colour Palettes
Colour Models, CMYK, RGB, LAB
Gradients, creating & editing
Mixing & matching Colour
Pantones & Spot Colours
Colour Profiles

 Our Adobe Photoshop Courses are delivered across Lancashire including Liverpool, Manchester, The Wirral, Merseyside, Blackppol and Chester.  We frequently travel across the UK including Yorkshire, Lake District, Lincolshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and the South West.