Adobe Captivate Advanced Training Course in Nottingham and Derby...

Adobe Captivate Advanced Course...

Our Captivate Advanced Course is run across the UK including Midlands, Nottingham, Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Lincoln, Chester and London.  These Advanced Captivate Courses show you how to design creative eLearning content and develop highly professional projects.

In this Captivate Course you'll cover the advanced features of the software including streamlining and working more effectively with your eLearning projects.

Adobe Captivate Advanced Course Duration...

To cover the Captivate Course outline below generally takes two days however we appreciate that everyone uses Captivate differently so the course content can be adapted to suit your own particular specifications.

Adobe Captivate Price Guide...

First Delegate £300.00 per day all inc
Subsequent Delegates £75.00 per day all inc
Laptop Hire available £25.00 per computer per day
Depending on location travel costs may apply

Adobe Captivate Versions...

We have a mobile training solution and for a small additional fee can bring in and set up our own computers onsite.  All our training computers are running Captivate Version 7 but we can run Captivate Training Courses on any earlier version.  

Please mention the version at the time of booking

Adobe Captivate Advanced Course Content...

Streamlining Captivates Workflow
Master Slides
Slide Objects
Slide Numbering using System Variables
Using and working with Templates
Themes, Creating from New & Customising
Working with Branching
Branching Based Projects

Captivate and Advanced Multi Media Options
Audio Files
Editing Audio
Video including Flash & Multi Slides
Video and PiP with a Table of Contents
Audio & Video Management Boxes
Audio and Narration Techniques
Synchronise Audio and Slides

Combining Captivate and PowerPoint
Importing from PowerPoint
PowerPoint Slides in Captivate
PowerPoint Slide Drawbacks in Captivate
Library and PowerPoint Synchronisation & Share
PowerPoint Objects
Working with PowerPoint and Captivate Options

Captivate Drag and Drop Interactions
Drag and Drop Interaction Panel
Setting up Drag and Drop Options
Captivate Interactions and Types
Creating Drag and Drop Games in Captivate
iPad and HTML 5 Scale Options
Multiple Drag and Drop for Questions

Widgets in Captivate
Inserting Widgets
Downloading external Widgets
Social Media Widgets
Working with Twitter Widget
Interactions with Notes
Hangman and Hourglass Widgets
Tab Interactions Widget

Captivate Quizzes and Advanced Actions
Adding and Managing Question Pools
Question Pool Manager
Quiz Preferences
Random Question
Track User Actions
Remediation Quiz

Captivate and Managing Projects
Project Sizing
Working with Aggregator
Navigational Jumps
Slide Organisation

Learning Management Systems
e-learning benefits
Understanding e-learning management
Using e-learning output option
Project updates

Captivate Publishing Projects
Publishing the Project
Publishing to YouTube
Publishing as .SWF
Publishing as an .exe
Publishing as HTML5
Mobile Device Publishing

Captivate and Accessibility
Setting Accessible Text
Accessibility and Publishing
Closed Captions on Slide Notes
Accessibility and 508 Compliance
Project Properties
Clear Labelling

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We cover all areas in the UK including the following - please get in touch to organise a Captivate Training Course in your area

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