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This Captivate Course is bought to you onsite across Oxford and Oxfordshire and provides the skills need to develop and publish rich content for elearning project.  Learn how to create both software simulations and FMR video then work with the tools and features to create effective and attractive elearning projects..  On this Captivate Course you will cover all content needed to produce professional looking projects with dynamic content including multimedia video, audio, interactivity. 

Captivate comes with a number of built in widgets which are covered during the Captivate Course including 'Certificates' which can be included in Captivate quizzes.  and the drag and drop wizard (Captivate 7).  The training courses draws to an end covering the various options of connecting to, publishing and monitoring student data are worked through with SCORM and AICC complia LMS (Learning Management Systems)  

*Please let us know at the time of booking the Captivate Course if you wish to include Moodle as your LMS.

Adobe Captivate Price Guide...

First Delegate £300.00 per day all inc
Subsequent Delegates £75.00 per day all inc
Laptop Hire available £25.00 per computer per day
Depending on location travel costs may apply

Captivate Course Requirements & Delivery...

Apart from using a PC or MAC there are no formal course requirements.  This Captivate Course would suit delegates from many arenas including HR, NHS, Learning & Development.  

Introduction to Captivate
A Captivate Project (view and discuss)
Workflows in Captivate
Understanding CBT principles
Captivate Demonstration

Captivate Rollovers
Inserting Rollover Captions
Inserting Rollover Slidelets
Inserting Rollover Images
Inserting a Zoom Area

Editing the Captivate Project
Captivate Workspace
Inserting /Manipulating Slides
Various Slide Options
Working with Slides
Text Captions
Mouse /Point Paths /Mouse Properties

CaptivateSkins and Templates
Apply a BMP Playbar to a Project
Apply a Skin to a Project
Edit / Design / Save a Skin
Load Screen
Create a Project Template
Record a New Project based on a Template

Captivate Recording Projects
Recording Window
Demonstration Mode
Resolution & Recording Sizing
Recording Simulations
Exploring Recording Simulations Mode
Customising Recording Option
Panning Options
Audio Options

Captivate Quiz Slides
Inserting Quiz Slides
Editing Quiz Slides
Multiple Choice Slides
False /True Slides
Editing Question Slides
Reporting Options
Track Quiz Scores

Captivate Timeline
Understanding Timelines
Timeline Layers
Multiple Layers
Adjusting Slide Timings
Recording Head /FPS
Adjusting Timeline
Attaching Actions to Timeline

Captivate Image & Sound
Attaching Sound to Objects, Slides, Projects
Inserting Video
Working with Video
Adding TOC's
Adding PiP (Webcam) onto TOC
Movie Properties

Captivate Animation
Frame Rates
Change Project Frame Rates
Add Animation to a Slide
Adjust Animation Slide Position
Insert /Edit Text Animation

Captivate Menu Builder
Create Menu Builder Projects
Publish Captivate Projects
Format Styles
Edit Projects

Publishing Captivate Projects
Flash Files .SWF .FLV
.exe and External Media
Publish to YouTube
Alternative Publishing Options

Publishing Captivate Projects
*We cover Moodle and other content management systems and are happy to include them in the Adobe Captivate Course for your staff.  Please let us know your preferences at time of booking.

Our Captivate Training is held across the UK including Oxford and Oxfordshire and just about everywhere in the UK.

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