Camtasia Training Courses in Birmingham and Staffordshire...

Camtasia Courses...

Camtasia Training Courses are delivered UK Wide including Birmingham and Staffordshire and just about everywhere else.  The Camtasia course covers everything needed to produce rich interative eLearning projects including media, PiP, animation and audio.  Camtasia is video based and on this course you see how to create and design Camtasia Projects for many different scenarios.  The training is held onsite for both individuals and company courses.

Camtasia Closed Company Courses...

These Camtasia Courses suits companies with staff in HR, Training and Development, NHS, CBT, soft skills training who want to add Camtasia as part of a blended learning solution or as a seperate entity. It is ideal for individuals and private company training courses.

Camtasia is ideal for creating projects involving eLearning software training, software simulations, induction training, health & safety guidance.  

Camtasia Course Content...

Beginning with Camtasia
Prepare the Camtasia Script
Prepare a Camtasia Story Board
Set up Camtasia Tools
Work with Camtasia Panels
Work through Camtasia Menus

Video on Camtasia Timeline
Adding Video
Adding Audio
Understanding Playhead, Position of Playhead
Import CamRec
Add PiP to Timeline

Camtasia Recording
Recording Windows
Recording Video & Audio Options
Recording PowerPoint Presentations
Add System Stamps & Dates

Camtasia Timeline
Understanding Timelines & Tracks
Adding & Editing the Timeline
Set Options for Optimal Quality
Reposition, Resize Elements

Camtasia Tools
Title Clips
Edit Grouped Title Clips
Slide Transitions
Edit, transitions, transistions options, properties
Edit Callouts, text callouts, text properties

Camtasia Audio Options
Add Background Music to Video
Audio Properties (fade in & out)
Voice Narration
Voice Options
Voice Tips & Tricks
Split Music Clip

Camtasia Focus, Markers, Hotspots & TOC's
Pan & Zoom
Add, Start Time, Keyframe
Video Dimensions
Add Markers, Smart Focus
Add /Edit a TOC
Add /Edit Hotspots

Camtasia Quizzes and Surveys
Add Quiz to Camtasia
Add Different Question Types
Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Random Answer
Edit Answer Responses ie. Y /N Radio Button
Add Surveys
Quiz Production Choices

Camtasia & PowerPoint
Record PowerPoint Presentations
Recorder Toolbar, Presentation Dimensions
Import Presentation into PowerPoint
Markers, PowerPoint Notes
Video Content, Animation in PowerPoint
Smooth Playback

Publish Camtasia Project
Publish Camtasia to Screencast
Pubish Camtasia to YouTube
Publish Camtasia to Website
Customise Camtasia Publishing
HTML5 & MP4 Publishing
Troubleshooting Publishing Options

Camtasia Course Prices

Price is per course INC VAT
The more persons on the course the more your company benefits
Standard rate for one person per day is £300.00 INC VAT
Second and Subsequent persons per day is £75.00 INC VAT

The Camtasia Course is delivered onsite UK wide including Birmingham, East Mids, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Coventry

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Camtasia Course Alternatives...

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