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Adobe Lightroom Training Course...

We deliver digital image training in both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  Our Lightroom Training Course shows how to work with the tools and understand the techniques in the software.  Although we have a set Lightroom Course outline this training tends to be tailored depending on the delegates.  Our Lightroom Courses are onsite and delivered across Staffordshire including Burton on Trent, Stafford, Stoke on Trent.    Learn how to work with Lightroom's none destructive workflow by making multiple changes then undo or modify at your leisure.  If required the training can show from downloading photo's from digital media, cameras, cards and external devices, import them into Lightroom, edit, retouch then finally export to print or web.

We are more than happy for you to bring in camera cards and your own shots to work with on the training course.  Once happy with your shots work with your Lightroom Trainer to build a multimedia slideshow for a portfolio or professional client presentations.

We can run Lightroom Courses for individuals or groups onsite across Staffordshire including Burton on Trent, Stafford and Stoke on Trent..

Who would benefit from a Lightroom Course?...

Lightroom Training is suitable for anyone who is looking to increase their skills in digital photography.  It could be a photographers, companies who need to make the best of their photographs for corporate publications or design and marketing teams who need their images more edgy and professional.  This Lightroom Training is suitable for anyone who uses a camera and wants to improve their images for a any purpose be tha web or print.

Adobe Lightroom Course Overview...

Workspace Mode
Using Workspace Layout
Left and Right Panels
Understand File Menu Commands
Display Area

Lightroom Tabs
Library and Navigation Tabs
Importing Photo's and Files
Organise Catalogues and Libraries
Library Filters
Work with Film Strip

Develop Tab
Work and Edit Existing Presets
Create and Save Presets
Cropping and Cropping Options
Flipping and Rotating
Lens Corrections
Spot Removal - Clone and Heal Brushes

Develop Tab Tools
Quick Develop & Histogram
White Balance
Tonal Control
Presense, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation
Split Tones
Detail & Sharpening

Book Tab
Create Book Layout
Set Book Size
Auto Layout and Page Numbers
Guides and Bleed
Type and Background
Send to Blurb, JPEG or PDF

Lightroom Slideshow
Create a Slideshow, Slideshow Options
Prepare Images
Borders & Background Images
Overlays, Layout & Backdrops
Intro & Ending Screens
Working with Audio, Editing Audio

Web Tab
Working with the Web Tab
Create & Edit a Web Gallery
Layout Styles & Templates
Site Info & Colour Palette
Appearance & Pages
Upload Settings

Print Tab
Guides, Grids, Bleeds
Layout Styles 
Working with Pages
Page Options
Water Marking
Colour Management

Adobe Lightroom Training Course Costs...

First person £275.00 All Inc per day
Subsequent person £50.00 All per day

Lightroom Training in East Mids, Staffs, Staffordshire, Burton on Trent, Stoke

Lightroom & Photoshop Courses...

Lightroom Training...

On this Lightroom Course you will how to...

Import digital images...

Retouch Images...

Enhance Images...

Crop, Recolour, Repair...

Adjust Tonal Range...

Adjust White Balance...

Work with the Histogram...

Work with Lightroom Presets...

Create Slideshows for Photo Presentations...

Create Web Galleries for Portfolios...

Understand the Principles of Print...

Manage Colour...

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We also run Photoshop Training including Introduction to Photoshop Course and the Advanced Photoshop Course.  

We organise Tailored Photoshop Training and provide Consultancy on Photoshop. 

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